Administrative Professional CERT @NCC

Experience the excitement of achieving personal and professional success while earning college-level certification. Expand your knowledge of the skills necessary to provide effective administrative support by exploring the latest best practices in the field. Understand what it takes to be an effective administrative professional and why this is essential to increasing performance, productivity and profitability — individually, as a team and organizationally. Gain practical experience by attending the highly interactive, competency-based workshops highlighted in the Administrative Professional Certificate Program.

This certificate program teaches employees how to:

  • Acquire the skills necessary to provide effective administrative support
  • Receive professional training from qualified instructors with solid industry experience
  • Learn the latest office practices applicable to a wide range of settings
  • Increase productivity and effectiveness
  • Improve competitiveness within your organization
  • Increase skill sets and professional value

For more details about the program, contact Laura Bauer at lbauer@northampton.eduor complete our request for information form today!

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