A growing number of Lehigh Valley adult students choose NCC for life skills and career success.

An Adult-Friendly Learning Environment

You might want to consider enrolling if you:

  • Never had a chance to start college
  • Started college and didn't finish due to work or family responsibilities
  • Have a college degree but now wish to enter a different field of study

Enrolling at NCC can boost your earning power and provide you with personal enrichment.

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Comfortable Learning Environment

NCC understands the distinctive needs and learning styles of those who have been out of the classroom for a while, and we can offer the support and flexibility you need to reach your goal.

Earn College Credits for What You Already Know

NCC recognizes that many students come to us with knowledge and expertise already in hand. Whether you have served in the military, taken Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate exams, have been part of extensive on-the-job-training or apprenticeships, participated in a non-credit program, earned certificates for professional development, taken online classes at a non-regionally accredited school, are fluent in a second or third language, or have spent dedicated years of service in a given career – we value what you have learned and, whenever possible, want to award you college credit for that work. Learn more about earning credit for prior learning here.

The Flexibility to Pursue Your Passion