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Welcome to NCC's CareerGPS, a valuable online search tool that will give you the opportunity to explore hundreds of potential careers at your fingertips. CareerGPS is an online gateway that offers students free access to a career and personality assessment tools to help you decide on a path for your future. It also allows you to explore NCC's Career Services resources and find occupations that match your personality and work styles. CareerGPS lets you preview what life after college might look like and how much you can expect earn!

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Browse careers by simply searching keywords or interests, and quickly learn about employment prospects in the field, recent job postings, income potential and the education and training available at Northampton Community College.  We encourage you to create a profile and save your degree and career searches, use the resume building tool, and more.

CareerGPS is unique to our geographic area. The job listings and information provided are specific to the Lehigh Valley, Monroe County and surrounding areas. We offer it as a service to our students, future students and members of our community.