Getting Started with Dual Enrollment

Ready to take the next step?

We are so happy you are interested in dual enrollment at NCC! Please follow the steps below and review the information provided in the application guide to get started. 

Follow these steps to apply to NCC as a dual enrollment student:

  1. Talk to your school counselor to see if you are eligible and learn about course options and times. If you’re a home-schooled student please refer to our FAQs below.
  2. Watch this application video or review this application one-sheeter to help you complete your application correctly.
  3. Apply to NCC (make sure you confirm your e-mail address when creating your account).
  4. Submit the FERPA & Approcal Form.pdf with all signatures to or return to your school counselor
  5. Have your high school send a copy of your official transcript to
  6. Look for your acceptance email from NCC. This is sent to the email you used for the application within 24 hours of applying. (Be sure to check your spam mailbox).
  7. Log in to your Student Workday Portal to set up your student portal and create your new password. If you need help, watch this video.
  8. Log into your NCC Email & check it often. This will be the only way NCC will communicate with you from now on. Watch this video for instructions on accessing your NCC email account.

Register for Courses:

Once you have completed the application process allow 5-7 business days for your FERPA & Approval Form.pdf and transcript to be processed prior to attending a registration session. To register for courses please follow the steps listed below and the information provided in the registration guide.

1. Sign up for a Virtual Registration Session

  • This is a small group zoom session where students/families can ask questions and troubleshoot any registration concerns.
  • Prior to joining a session, log into your Student Workday Portal to set up your account (if you haven't already). Watch this short video if you need help.
  • Make sure you are logged into your account when you join the session.

2. Can't make it to a Virtual Registration Session? Review our registration video and register on your own.