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Join us during our 4-week winter session, and choose from 40+ classes being offered 100% online. Classes run December 12 - January 7.

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Who Is Considered A Guest Or Visiting Student?

If you are currently enrolled at another college/university and plan on taking courses at NCC to have credits transfer back to your home institution, you are considered a guest/visiting student.

NCC offers fall courses (15 and 10-week terms), spring courses (15 and 10-week terms), winter courses (4-week term) and summer courses (4, 6 and 10-week terms). Guest/visiting students are eligible to register for any of these terms. Open registration for the fall typically begins in late April or early May. Open registration for spring, winter and summer courses typically begins in December.

Do I Have To Fill Out An NCC Application?

Yes, you must fill out a new student application to take summer courses at NCC. While we realize the process of filling out the application may take some time, this is to ensure that all of the credits you complete here are successfully transferred to the college or university where you are enrolled. Access the application here and click on the link labeled 'Admissions Application'.

Guest/Visiting Students should select "Non-Degree" as your Applicant Type and "Guest/Visiting Student" as your Program of Study. 

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What If I'm A Returning Guest/Visiting Student?

Complete an application in our Workday Admissions & Financial Aid Portal and indicate that you are a re-admit student.

How Do I Know If My Credits Will Transfer To My Full Time College Or University?

Contact your college or university advisor to determine course transferability to your institution. You may also choose to meet with an Academic Advisor at either your full time college/university or with an advisor at NCC.

Does NCC Need My Transcripts?

Appropriate transcripts and current college or university schedules are used to determine placement in college-level courses. You must have documentation proving you have met course prerequisites before registering for courses at NCC. Transcripts can be sent from authorized senders to