TAP529/College Saving Plan Payments

If payment is coming from a TAP529 or other College Saving Plan, and will not arrive by the tuition due date, a written confirmation of the funds availability must be received. This may be either the confirmation page of the funds request or a letter directly from the savings plan. Classes will not be guaranteed if the confirmation is not received by the tuition due date.

The written documentation must include:

    • Student name and address
    • Student ID number
    • Available/Authorized amount
    • Semester and year
    • Check number and date mailed, if applicable

Documentation must be provided each semester. If the savings plan will not satisfy the entire balance due, the student will be responsible for paying the remaining balance by the tuition due date.


Documentation may be mailed or faxed to:

Northampton Community College
3835 Green Pond Rd
Bethlehem, PA 18020

Fax: 610.861.4111 Attn: Bursar's Office

For further information, please call the Bursar's Office at 610.861.5407.