Special Circumstances

Special Circumstances - Appeal Process

The FAFSA is looking at financial or family circumstances as they exist oftena  year or two before you actualy become a student.  A lot can change during that time! The NCC FA team has a process in place to review theses changes and help you qualify for any additional aid you may be eligible for due to these changes.

Basic Eligibility for a Special Circumstances Appeal

  • Have a completed FASFA for the correct term on file
  • Submit any financial aid inbox items in Workday
  • Have an EFC score on the FAFSA greater than 0
  • Have experienced a significantchange in finanical circumstances since completing the FAFSA

Once, you have made it through the above, click on this link to complete your appeal and review the process below.

Special Circumstances Considered

  • Job Loss
  • One Time Retirement Distribution
  • Less Hours or income at work
  • Loss of Assets
  • Medical Expenses
  • Parent Attending College
  • Changes in marital status post completion of FAFSA


After you complete the appeal, we will reach out to let you know which documents to submit for review.  Please allow a couple weeks to work throuh these once all the documents are in, as we have to do some calculations on your FAFSA. We will then reach and let you know the outcome.