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Biotechnology Associate Degrees

Northampton Community College's Biotechnology program opens the door for students to influence fields such as medicine, engineering, agriculture, and much more. Join this exciting discipline by becoming a biotechnology major at NCC. Classes are available at our location in Monroe County.

Students learn by taking part in hands-on experiments and interpreting results while learning a wide range of biotechnology science laboratory techniques. From learning the use of cells and cellular process to make our lives better, to exploring the multitude of possibilities for genetically modified plants, animals, and microbes, you'll acquire skills you can put to use in the working world.

Degree Programs

Semesters: 4
Credits: 69
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Campus: Bethlehem|Monroe
Program Type: Associate in Applied Science

Students in NCC's Biotechnology program receive a solid background in math and science and practical knowledge in biotechnology. Students also gain good laboratory and critical thinking skills that make them attractive to employers in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry as manufacturing or research technicians. In addition this program prepares students to transfer to a four year institution should they want to pursue a Bachelors degree in Biotechnology.


Program Information

Our program provides students with an introduction to Biotechnology in their first semester at Northampton. Through courses such as Introduction to Biomanufacturing, Microbiology, and Biotechnology Techniques, students study the diverse areas of the field. Students interested in continuing the program may take a fifth semester at Penn State which focuses on nanotechnology. This capstone semester is perfect for those who are looking to work in this specialized field.

NCC has transfer agreements in this specific program with Cedar Crest College and East Stroudsburg University, so you can continue your education at a four-year institution after completing your associate degree.

If you plan to enroll at Northampton with the intent to transfer, we encourage you to examine the transfer requirements of your intended school and to work with our academic advisors to ensure you take the right classes to transfer as easily as possible.


Career Opportunities

Continued growth in biotechnology is expected to increase demand in the field and Northampton's degree program allows for a laboratory experience that provides a competitive edge for students entering the workplace. Biotechnology grads can find work in a wide range of positions in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, government institutions such as the FDA, USDA, Department of Defense, NIH, and EPA; forensics laboratories, the cosmetic industry, biomedical research institutions, and the expanding field of green energy.

Researchers in agriculture, biology, genetics, and medicine are at the cutting edge of new biotechnology discoveries. Scientists are combating disease, developing renewable fuels and reducing our environmental impact. Biotechnology graduates succeed in careers as:

Future Career Paths

  • Laboratory Technician
  • Quality Control Technician
  • Research Technicians
  • Environmental Lab Technicians
  • Process Supervisor
  • Manufacturing Operator/Technicians
  • Forensic Lab Technicians

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