Refund Policy - Credit Courses

Students who drop courses with the approval of the Records office prior to the date specified in the Academic Calendar, will be entitled to a 100 percent refund (or adjustment) of tuition and fees charged, less the non-refundable admissions deposit and any amounts owed to the College for fines, returned checks and other charges and fees. In addition, a student who drops during the following specified periods will be entitled to the applicable refund (or adjustment) of tuition and fees, less the admissions deposit, student fees, and any amounts owed to the College.

Important Notes

  • Housing and meal plans have their own refund deadlines. See Room and Board Refunds.
  • Refund percentages are applied to total eligible tuition and fees charged and not amount paid. Students who drop before paying their bill in full may still owe a balance to the College.
  • Full-time students registered for 12-18 credit hours, who drop courses but remain full-time, are not eligible for refund (Effective Fall 2013).
  • No refund is given after the third week of class or equivalent for non-standard courses.
  • Failure to formally notify the Records office in writing of your intent to drop or withdraw may result in you owing money and/or receiving F grades.
  • Credit refunds are not processed until the last day to add classes unless requested by the student.
  • Refund payments are sent to BankMobile Disbursements within 10 days from the date the credit balance appears on the student account and processed by BankMobile Disbursements  according to the student's Refund Preference. Refunds during holidays or peak processing times may require up to 14 days to process.

Financial Obligation

Please note that a drop, withdrawal or failure to successfully attend and/or complete a course or courses does not absolve a student's financial responsibility for his/her educational expenses. Students are ultimately responsible for all charges assessed regardless of expected payment from other sources, and will be billed accordingly if such payment is not received by the College.

Special Note to Financial Aid Recipients: In accordance with federal and state guidelines, a drop or withdrawal may reduce a student's financial aid award. As a result, the student may owe a balance to the college. Any amounts owed after adjustment of the financial aid award is billed to the student. See Financial Obligations and Holds for more information on outstanding amounts owed to NCC.