Northampton County Residency Policies

To receive the in district tuition rate, a student 21 years or older must meet all of the following requirements:

Be a U.S. Citizen, permanent resident, H visa holder, or refugee.

Maintain a legal residence* in one of the eight sponsoring school districts** for at least 90 consecutive days prior to the start of the semester for which they are applying.

*A legal residence is a student's permanent place of residence and one they have moved into for reasons other than attending college. Students living with in-district relatives do not qualify as legal residents.

**Bangor, Bethlehem, Easton, Nazareth, Northampton, Pen Argyl, Saucon Valley, or Wilson

Provide proof of residency dated 90 days before a semester begins with two of the following:

  • A PA drivers' license with current address
  • per capita (school district) tax receipt for the current year
  • valid PA Dept. of Transportation ID card
  • lease (per capita tax receipt or a utility bill needs to be 2nd proof)
  • utility bill (is accepted as 2nd form of proof for lease only)
  • deed - home ownership is exempt from the 90-day rule

Students under the age of 21 retain the residency of their parents.

Families moving into Northampton County must submit a Change of Information form and show proof of parents' residence with the required documents listed above to the Admissions Office (for new students) or the Records Office (for returning students).

Students under 21 not living with parents are eligible for in-district rates if he/she proves independence. Students must submit documentation proving independent status.

The definition of an independent student is one who is 1) a veteran, 2) married, 3) an orphan or ward of the court, 4) has legal dependents for which he/she provides 50% of the support, or is 5) a full time, permanent, benefits-eligible employee who pays the in-district per capita tax.

If proof of one of the above cannot be given, the student maintains parents' residence.

Board Approved: June 12, 2008 Revised Policy