Tuition Credit for Call to Active Military Duty

A student who must withdraw from Northampton Community college due to an involuntary call to Active military duty may apply for credit or refund of tuition and fees paid. Requests for refund will be reviewed on an individual basis. Students who received financial aid or a financial aid refund may or may not be eligible for a tuition refund but would be eligible to receive a tuition credit. Students must provide a copy of their military orders to the Records Office at the time of withdrawal to be considered for the credit or refund.

Military tuition credit must be used within a (1) year period after release from active duty. Tuition credit will not be granted if a student received academic credit for courses in which he/she was enrolled. If a student received financial aid during the semester for which credit is approved, the student must use the tuition credit for a subsequent semester before establishing eligibility for financial aid.