Tuition Credit for Medical Emergency

A student who must withdraw from Northampton Community College due to a medical emergency (serious illness or injury), may apply for credit for tuition and eligible fees paid. This credit, if granted, may be applied toward tuition charges (credit courses only) upon his/her return to the College, and this is not transferable or refundable. Tuition credit will not be granted more than once for the same medical condition.

Medical tuition and fees credit must be used within a one (1) year period after the end of the semester the student has taken leave from the institution. Tuition credit will not be granted if a student received academic credit for courses in which he/she was enrolled. If a student received financial aid during the semester for which credit is approved, the student must use the tuition credit for a subsequent semester before establishing eligibility for financial aid.

Please see the Application for Tuition Credit (PDF) for additional instructions.