ETAC provides a suite of services all structured towards energy assistance and sustainability

Specialize in Operational Energy Efficiency

  • Quantified environmental and economic benefits
  • Reduction of environmental footprint
  • Most advanced, energy efficient technologies available. The recommendations are often instituted as best practices in the industry .
  • Reduce annual emissions
  • Operational cost savings

Energy Assessments

  • Team of experts, using sophisticated monitoring instrumentation, perform assessments for manufacturers.
  • ETAC has conducted hundreds of assessments throughout the nation, helping our clients reduce annual energy use and improve the environment
  • Structured around specific opportunities for small to mid-sized manufacturers.
  • Subsidies may be available from the US Department of Energy
  • Assessment audit levels are flexible, based on need.

Laboratory opportunities in Applied Research

  • Infra Red
  • Radio Frequency
  • Microwave
  • Induction Heating
  • Ultra violet
  • Ultra sonic
  • Ebeam
  •  Alternative technologies to improve heating, drying, coating and curing processes