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Start a Student Club

girl on computerParticipation in a student organization can be a means for achieving success for many college students. Involvement in campus activities and community programs offers an opportunity to experience personal growth and provides an outlet for practical applications of classroom theories, concepts and principals in real life situations.

The Student Life Office located in College Center 253 will guide petitioning organizations through the process. It usually takes two months for new organizations to complete the recognition process.

First Step:

Meet with the Director of Student Life to review the petition process. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 610.332.6112 or drop by the Student Life Office, College Center 253.
Complete Petition for Recognition for a New Student Club (PDF) packet, which includes:

  • The Petition for Club Recognition
  • Prospective Members Sheet
  • The Club Advisor Form
  • Guidelines for Developing By-Laws (You will need to create your own).

Second Step:

  1. Submit the Petition Packet with your Bylaws to the Director of Student Life for review.
  2. Schedule an appointment with the Director of Student Life to review your petition packet by calling 610.332.6112.
  3. Director of Student Life will place you on the Student Senate's agenda. Student Senate meets during the fall and spring semesters every other Tuesday of the month at 11:00 am.

Third Step:

  1. The Student Senate reviews the petition and makes a recommendation to Vice President, enrollment and student affairs

Fourth Step:

  1. The Vice President of enrollment and student affairs makes one of three decisions.
    1. Rejects the petition.
    2. Approves the petition and forwards to College Life Committee.
    3. Requests a meeting with petitioning Organization for more information.

Fifth Step:

  1. College Life Committee makes the final decision regarding approval of new student organization. College Life is composed of students, faculty and administrators. The committee usually meets at 3:30 pm the first Tuesday of the month. The petitioning organization is encouraged to send as many interested students as possible to the College Life meeting.

Final Steps:

  1. After your club is recognized by the College Life Committee and in accordance with your by-laws, hold officer elections. Submit the names of the officers to the Student Life Office.
  2. If the newly recognized Student Organization wants funding, they need to complete a Budget Form and present the request to the Student Senate.

Questions? Contact the Student Life Office (College Center 253) or email