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Pass/No-Credit Grading

Effective for the Spring 2020 Semester only, NCC will allow students to opt in to Pass/No-Credit grading for certain courses.

  • Students may elect Pass/No-Credit grading, for any or all of their courses, at any time prior to June 1st. Courses in the following selective admissions programs (Nursing, Radiography, Dental Hygiene, Sonography, Funeral Service, and Veterinary Technician) are exempt from the Pass/No-Credit grading system.
    • NOTE: Students cannot elect Pass/No-credit grading for Spring 2020 courses that ended in March.
  • In the event that students select Pass/No-Credit grading,
    • The course is graded in the usual way by the instructor and the instructor submits a letter grade. This letter grade is translated into a “P” (pass with a “C” or above), “P-” (pass with a “C-“, “D+”, or “D”), or “NC” (fail with an “F”).
    • The course assigned a “P,”“P-,” or “NC” will NOT be included in the computation of semester and/or cumulative grade point average (GPA).
    • The course assigned a “P” or “P-” will count for academic credit but will NOT affect academic status. The course assigned a “NC” will NOT count for credit and will NOT affect academic status.
Alternative Grading System Letter Grades Numerical Grades GPA Impact
"P" A, A-, B+, B-, C+, C 73 and above No Impact
"P-" C-,D 60-72.99 No Impact
NC F Below 60 No Impact

Students should consult with their advisors (Success Navigators or faculty advisors) before electing to complete courses on a P/P-/NC basis. Factors to consider:

  • For students on Academic Probation in Spring 2020, electing Pass/No-Credit grading will not count toward your academic performance. It is strongly encouraged that students who are on academic probation consult an academic probation counselor before electing to complete courses on a Pass/No-Credit basis.
  • Students intending to apply for selective admission programs (Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Radiography, Sonography, Funeral Service, and Veterinary Technician) are advised NOT to elect use of the Pass/No-Credit grading system. Doing so could potentially interfere with their potential acceptance into their respective program.
  • The PA state colleges and universities (PASSHE) have agreed to accept “P” grades for transfer. Students planning to transfer to other institutions should discuss these institutions regrading transfer and Pass/No-Credit grading.
  • High school dual enrolled students should discuss the P/P-/NC grading with their high school guidance counselor before electing Pass/No-Credit grading.

The following courses cannot be taken using the pass/fail system:

  • Any EARL course
  • Any DENH course
  • Any DSMG course
  • Any FUNS course
  • Any NURS course
  • PSAP280 – Applied Psychology Experiential Learning
  • Any RADT course
  • Any SPED course
  • Any VETC course
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