Live. Learn. Experience. Thrive. 

Communities @ NCC have been designed to provide students with additional experiences outside of the classroom. These communities focus on the holistic development of each student, providing support for academic and personal growth. Each community is center around a common goal or theme and aims to create experiences for the students that are memorable, fun, and meaningful. 

Students interested in living in one of these communities can select which community they are interested in joining when completing the housing application. 

  • First Year Experience (FYE) Community: aims to make the transition to living on campus an exciting, memorable and positive experience. This community provides support to help new students adjust to both the academic and social demands of college, build independence, and form meaningful connections to the broader NCC community. 
    • Designed for students new to NCC or new to living on campus.
    • Housed in the Residence Hall Commons (1100's, 1200's, & 2200's)
  • Global Citizen Community: aims to expand knowledge of world affairs, cultures, languages, and beliefs. This community allows students to explore their own culture and give insight into other cultures while also developing skills to help make them better citizens in our society.
    • Designed for new and current/returning students
    • Housed in the Residence Hall Commons (2100's)
  • Independent Living Community: aims to expand knowledge and skills for leading a more independent lifestyle. This community helps to prepare students for financial success, refining their career development abilities, and provide additional skills needed for real-world success after leaving NCC.
    • Designed for current/returning students with a cumulative GPA of a 2.5 or higher
    • Housed in the Apartments 
  • Academic Leadership Community: aims to expand academic knowledge, connections to the NCC community, and further develop leadership skills. This community will assist in supporting student's continued academic success and prepare leadership skills for the future.
    • Designed for current/returning students with a cumulative GPA of a 2.75 or higher.
    • Housed in the Residence Hall Commons (2300's)
  • Start a New Community: The Office of Housing & Residence Life is open to creating new communities in the residence hall around certain interests or themes. If you have an idea for a community, please speak to a member of the Housing & Residence Life Staff about your idea and the process of creating a new community.