Still Have Questions?

Here's some answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions:

How will the Office of Housing & Residence Life communicate with me?

The Office of Housing & Residence Life will communicate with students primarily by their NCC Student Email ( It is important that students check and read their email ever day to make sure they receive important information and announcements.

Students can setup their NCC email to be forwarded to their another email account to avoid having to check multiple accounts. For more information about your NCC Email, CLICK HERE

How many credits do I need to take per semester to live on campus?

In order to reside on campus, students must be enrolled for at least nine (9) or more credits per semester. Students are expected to maintain at least nine (9) credits over the course of the semester.

Students who drop below nine (9) credits will need to speak with a member of the Housing & Residence Life Staff to ensure they are able to remain living on campus for the duration of the semester. 

How much does it cost to live on campus?

The cost to live on campus varies based on building (i.e., apartments versus residence halls) and room selection (i.e., single versus double occupancy rooms). Housing costs and meal plan rates also vary by year. Please contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss the cost of living on campus so you know how much aid covers these costs and what you will have to pay in the end.

How are the rooms setup or what are the dimensions of the room?

Depending on the room and style of room, the layout and size can vary. Double rooms are most prominent in the Residence Hall Commons and most of the double rooms are pretty similar in size and layout. The picture below shows a basic setup of a double room. 

What is the bathroom situation like in the Residence Hall Commons and the Apartments?

In the Residence Hall Commons, there are community bathrooms on each wing of the building that are used by all of the students living on that wing. These bathrooms feature sinks, toilet stalls, and shower stalls. Each wing typically has one male bathroom and one female bathroom, with the larger wings having two of each. 

There are four gender-neutral bathrooms located in the Residence Hall Commons in each of the larger wings (1100's, 1200's, 2100's, 2200's). These bathrooms are open to any student who identifies as gender-fluid and not necessarily identify as male or female. 

In the Apartments, there are two bathrooms per apartment. These are adjacent to each bedroom and typically only used by the two students living in that bedroom. These bathrooms include a sink, toilet, and shower. 

Is there laundry available in the Residence Hall Commons or Apartments?

Yes, there are two laundry rooms located in the Residence Hall Commons. The main laundry room is located on the second floor by the 2200's wing, outside of the second floor lounge. This room has several washers and dryers that are FREE for students to use. 

A second laundry room is located in the 1300's wing of the Residence Hall Commons. This is a smaller room than the main laundry room but includes both washers and dryers, FREE of charge! 

There are no laundry facilities in the Apartments. All apartment residents must bring their laundry to the Residence Hall Commons and use one of the two laundry rooms. Apartment residents will have ID access to enter the residence hall. 

The only thing students need to bring besides their dirty clothes are laundry detergent and dryer sheets! 

What size sheets do I need to buy for my bed?

All of the mattresses in the residence hall and apartments are twin extra-long.

Do I need to bring a fridge or microwave?

Starting in the Fall 2021 semester, all rooms will have a Microfridge (refrigerator, freezer, microwave) unit placed in the room upon arrival. Students no longer need to bring their own fridge or microwave as it will already be supplied in the room, free of cost.  


Can I have a car on campus?

All students are welcome to have a car on campus. There is ample parking outside of the residence hall complex and apartments. Please submit a Parking Permit Registration Form to register your car and you will receive a resident parking permit when you move in or can pick it up at the Public Safety Office. 

Can I have friends over?

Yes, daytime visitors are allowed. Visitors are allowed to visit Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8am - 11pm and Saturday thru Sunday from 12pm - 11pm. Overnight visitation is only allowed Thursday through Sunday. No visitation is allowed the first two weeks of classes, last week of classes, or final exams' week.

When is new resident check-in and orientation?

For the Fall 2023 semester, move-in for new students will occur on Friday, August 25, and for returning students on Sunday, August 27. More information regarding specific dates/times will be sent out to your Student NCC email mid-Summer.

Regarding New Resident Orientation, there will be an online component to complete prior to moving on campus. This information will be sent to your NCC Email address a couple weeks before move-in. For the Fall 2023 semester, in-person sessions are being planned over the course of move-in weekend. A schedule for orientation will be given to you at move-in. 

What do I do if something is broken or not working in my room? (Ex. My overhead light stopped working)

Students can place a work order by simply emailing This will go directly to the Facilities Maintenance Department and a maintenance staff member will work to address the issue as soon as possible. If the situation is an emergency (water leak, no heat, etc.) please see a member of the Housing & Residence Life Staff to help address the situation as soon as possible.

What are courtesy and quiet hours?

Quiet hours are enforced from 10:00pm – 9:00am. During this time, residents are asked to keep noise and volume at a minimal level.

Courtesy hours are 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Please respect the rights of others at all times. If a resident asks you to turn down your music and be quieter outside of quiet hours, please respect their wish and be courteous.

Who cleans my Room?

Residents are responsible for keeping their rooms or apartments clean and sanitary. College staff will clean restrooms and public areas including the apartment hallways.

What is GradGuard and should I sign up?

Housing & Residence Life has partnered with Grad Guard, a national company who specializes in college student renter's insurance. Resident students have the opportunity to sign-up for an insurance plan when applying to live on campus to cover their personal belongings. Students can select and customize their plans to help cover their belongings with an affordable renters insurance plan.

Our office recommends that students have their own plan to cover any potential theft, damage, or liability issues that may occur while living on campus.  

CLICK HERE for more information regarding Grad Guard.