Title IX Harassment Definitions

Discrimination, Harassment, & Sexual Misconduct Policy

Review the Discrimination, Harassment, & Sexual Misconduct Policy

Title IX Policy

If you feel you have been a victim of, or witness to, sexual harassment or discrimination please contact:

Title IX Coordinator

To Be Announced
Chief Diversity Officer 

Title IX Deputy Coordinators

Belinda Austin
Associate Dean of Student Services
Keystone 131 (Monroe)

Janelle Howey
Associate Dean of Student Life
College Center 206B

Brennan McCarthy
Assistant Athletic Director
Spartan Center

Dr. Tom O'Connor
Assistant Dean, Monroe
KAPP, 122D

Amy Porter
Assistant Director, Housing & Residence Life
College Center 200

Brian Shegina
Associate Director of Human Resources
College Center 413

What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is unwelcome sexual- or gender-based verbal, written, online, and/or physical conduct.

"Sexual harassment in education includes any unwanted and unwelcome sexual behavior that significantly interferes with a student's access to educational opportunities. The Supreme Court has confirmed that schools have an obligation under Title IX to prevent and address harassment against students, regardless of whether the harassment is perpetrated by peers, teachers, or other school officials" (Title IX, 1972).

Examples of Sexual Harassment May Include:

  • Unwelcome physical contact
  • Continued expression of sexual interest after being informed that the interest is unwelcome
  • Requests for sexual favors
  • Persistent requests for a date, telephone calls, emails or other communication that is unwelcome
  • Posters, photos, cartoons, or graffiti that are demeaning or offensive
  • Sexual language and/or jokes of a sexual nature
  • Unwelcome visual contact, such as leering or staring at another person
  • Comments or statements that are demeaning, humiliating, suggestive, insulting, vulgar, crude, or lewd
  • Sexual gestures
  • Following or stalking
  • Taking pictures that are sexual in nature
  • Preferential treatment or promise of preferential treatment for submitting to sexual conduct