Title IX Coordinators

Discrimination, Harassment, & Sexual Misconduct Policy

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Role of the Title IX Officer and Deputy Coordinators

The Title IX Officer and Deputy Coordinators are charged with coordinating the College response to reports of misconduct under this policy. The Title IX Officer and Deputy Coordinators do not serve as advocates for either the complainant or the respondent. The Title IX Officer or Deputy Coordinators will explain to both parties the informal and formal processes outlined below and the provisions for confidentiality. Where appropriate, the Title IX Officer or Deputy Coordinators will provide to both parties information on options for obtaining advocacy, medical and counseling services, and making criminal reports, and will assist with providing information on other resources. The Title IX Officer and Deputy Coordinators will coordinate with other campus officials to take appropriate interim actions such as no contact orders, academic accommodations, and rearrangement of housing, dining, and work assignments.

Filing a Title IX Report

To file A Title IX Report please fill out this online form.
(This can be done anonymously)

Title IX Coordinator

Brian Shegina
Director of Human Resources
Kopecek 237

Title IX Deputy Coordinators

Belinda Austin
Associate Dean of Student Services
Keystone 131 (Monroe)

Morgan Flagg-Detwiler
First Year Experience Administrator
College Center, Room 203

Janelle Howey
Associate Dean of Student Life
College Center 206B

Brennan McCarthy
Assistant Athletic Director
Spartan Center, Athletic Suite 133

Dr. Tom O'Connor
Director, Prior Learning Assessment

K. Samantha Schaible
Benefits Manager, Human Resources
Kopecek 232

Do you believe you have been a victim of sexual misconduct? Whether or not you reported the incident to the college, we'd like your opinion on how we can improve the effectiveness of our campus policies and procedures that address sexual misconduct. Please share your suggestions and/or feedback by making an appointment with or sending your feedback via email to one of the coordinators listed above.