Monroe Campus Clubs

All clubs and organizations are open to NCC students, faculty, and staff.

To get involved, just email the club advisor for more information. If you don't find what you're looking for, think about starting you own club at the NCC Monroe Campus. Please see the Student Life Office located in Pocono Hall 110a for more information and forms regarding forming a NCC Monroe campus club.

Active Minds

Active Minds is a part of a national organization which looks at helping and impacting college students and stigma around mental health. The group looks to promote awareness about mental health issues through campus awareness campaigns, events, advocacy, outreach, and more. The advisors are Ariane Medero, and Sarah Stone at

Anime Club

The Anime club delivers an opportunity to explore the art of Anime. Students watch anime clips and discuss the different aspects of the productions. For more information contact Monroe Student Life at

Artistry Collective

The Artistry Collective (Art club) provides a space for students to explore the history of art, develop an artistic skillset, and showcase their artistic talents to the NCC community. For more information contact the club advisor(s), Alma Barrantes at

Band of Brothers

The Band of Brothers (BOB) is a student-run organization that advocates and supports student Veterans on campus. We pride ourselves on networking with internal and external community resources. The goal of BOB is to build camaraderie among student veterans, families, and allies as we facilitate a seamless transition from military life into higher education and build a foundation for the future. The BOB welcomes and encourages all Veterans, Active Duty, and reservists/guards to bond together. For more information, contact club advisors Alexis Sullivan at, David Repyneck at, Reginald Akpom at, or Orlandina Gallo-Rios at

Black Student Union

Black Student Union celebrating diversity and unity among one nation, many people and to serve as an organization dedicated to raising the level of awareness of the African Diaspora throughout the college community. For more information contact the club advisor, Abigail Charles at

Business Leaders Club

The Business Leaders Club exists to create an environment that promotes the discovery of business both conceptually and practically in order to bridge the gap between education and real world applications. For more information contact the club advisor(s), Karen Britt at

Christian Fellowship & Outreach

The Christian Fellowship and Outreach club offers an opportunity to strengthen personal beliefs and connect with students with similar values. The group also presents an opportunity for those looking to explore Christianity. For more information contact the club advisor(s), Catherine Morgan at

Creative Writing Club

Provides an environment for students to write and express personal works. For more information contact the club advisor(s), Erik Grayson at

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice club establishes links with the College and the surrounding community to promote understanding of the role of the criminal justice system within society. For more information contact the club advisor(s), John Spirk

Film Society

Review, discuss and critique various films chosen by students, staff and faculty. Students also have the hands-on opportunity to create works of their own. For more information contact the club advisor(s), John Tindell at

Hispanic Organization for Latino Awareness (HOLA)

Hispanic Organization for Latino Awareness (HOLA) promotes and educates about Hispanic culture and the differences among Hispanic groups. This organization is open to all interested students at NCC. For more information contact Monroe Student Life at

Hospitality Club

The club is an active member of the Eta Sigma Delta International Hospitality Management Society. For more information on this student club please contact Rebecca Heid at


NCC Monroe PRIDE increases social awareness for students, faculty and staff in the LGBTQIA community. For more information contact Precie Schroyer at or Chris Armstrong at

Nursing Student Organization

The Nursing Student Organization strives to promote professional and social unity, further fellowship within the field of Nursing and also assists with the Monroe Campus Food Pantry. Please contact Antoinette McCreary at at or Ed Quinn at at for more details.

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society that promotes community service. For more information contact the club advisor(s), Belinda Bartholomew at and Fran Boshell at

Photography Club

Photography Club looks to promote photography through on and off campus events to learn about this art form. For more information contact Monroe Student Life at

Psi Beta - Psychology Honors

Psi Beta's mission is to encourage professional development and psychological literacy of all students at two-year colleges through promotion and recognition of excellence in scholarship, leadership, research, and community service. The advisors are Ariane Medero at and Sarah Stone at

Science Club

Science Club explores careers and various fields of science and research. For more information contact the club advisor(s), Beatriz Villar at and Jacalyn Speicher at

Ski Club

The Ski Club connects students with an interest in skiing. The group often takes trips to ski resorts, locally and regionally. All levels of skiers (first-timer to advanced) are invited to participate with this group. For more information contact Monroe Student Life at

Student Governance

Student Governance is made up of elected student representatives that advocate for the entire student population at the Monroe Campus. For more information contact the club advisor(s), Frances (Fran) Boshell at

Women's Club

The objectives of this organization shall be to promote women's culture and awareness in Northampton Community College's students, faculty and staff, and in the general public of the community and to enhance and expand the educational experience of women and the NCC community about women's history, experience, careers, etc as well as to provide a forum for social support, inspiration, representation, and inquiry. For more information contact the club advisor(s), Alexandra Briggs at