Mission, Vision, Values, and Focus Areas

Mission, Vision, Values, and Focus Areas

*To provide enhanced programs, valuable services and sustained partnerships that encourage students, faculty and staff to be agents of change.

*Inspire the campus community to be civically minded and make a difference around the globe.

*The Center for Civic and Community Engagement is committed to the following fundamental values:

  • Integrity: We approach every situation with honesty and trust.
  • Accountability: We take responsibility for our work and actions.
  • Teamwork: We work collaboratively with others to promote change.
  • Advocacy: We inspire individuals to take actions in support of a cause.
  • Respect: We treat people with courtesy and civility.
  • Creativity: We set goals and find ways to meet them.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: We recognize and embrace the differences in others.

*To help students become Engaged Citizens, CCCE focuses on three main areas: “Service-Learning, Community Service/Volunteerism, and Civic Engagement”.

Distinguishing Characteristics Between Service-Learning, Community Service/Volunteerism, and Civic Engagement

Characteristics Service Learning Community Service/Volunteerism Civic Engagement
Primary Beneficiary Student and Community Partner(s) Community Partners and Clients/Recipients Student and Community
Primary Focus Intentional Learning and Meaningful Service Meaningful Service Political Participation/Advocacy
Intended Educational Purpose/Benefits Academic Learning and Enhanced Intellectual Moral, Personal and Social Growth and Development Sense of Citizenship and Awareness of Complex Social Issues
Nature of Activity Based on Discipline or Student Career Objective Based on Student Interest Based on Student Passion or Motivation
Curricular Integration Full integration within the curriculum None Supplemental
Reflection Includes Structured Reflection Generally not Included May Include Reflection