Programs and Services

Student Support Programs and Services

I) Spartan Aid Program: Provides students with financial support for essential needs and also referrals to NCC and Community resources that help eliminate academic and non-academic barriers. If you are in need of assistance with essential needs, please complete the Spartan Aid Intake Form. If you have any questions, please contact Maryann Haytmanek at

II) KEYS Program: Serves students who receive TANF/SNAP benefits and/or needed additional training and education in order to obtain employment. Bethlehem Campus Contact: Debra Kelly at and Betsy Greer at Monroe Campus Contact: Marsha Griffin at and Xenia Harley at

III) New Choices Program: A credit-free and FREE career decision-making program for single parents, displaced homemakers, dislocated workers, single pregnant women, and individuals interested in a career that is not traditional for their gender. Contact: Regina Russo at

IV) Service Learning 101: An informal advising session structured to guide students who are in the process of engaging in various service-learning opportunities. To schedule a session, please click here.

V) Community Service/Volunteerism Referral: An assistance provided to students, faculty, and staff in identifying service sites and/or activities. Please click here to complete our referral form.

VI) Federal Aid: Provides funds to financial aid/work-study eligible students who are participating in service activities (community service, service-learning, volunteerism, internships, etc.) at nonprofit organizations. Contact: Katherine Abarca

Leadership and Service Activities and Programs

Democracy 101: A series of lectures, panels and discussions that are mainly focused on the idea and practice of democracy.

I) Interactive Forum (formerly known as Reflection Sessions): Various topics are held to increase the understanding of contemporary social issues in our society.

II) Information Sessions: An opportunity to learn more about the programs, resources, and services available for students, faculty and staff.

III) Reflection Sessions: As reflection is an integral part of service-learning, the sessions are specifically geared towards service-learning experiences.

IV) George S. McElwee Forum for Excellence in Public Service: Aims to educate the community on issues of public service and its intersection with government and politics.

V) NCC East 40 Community Garden: Provides opportunities that support the college’s commitment to sustainability through experiential learning. Contact: Kelly Allen

National Days and Activations

  • Lobby Day
  • Day of Service
  • Constitution Day 
  • National Voter Registration Day at NCC
  • Volunteer Recognition Day - Click here to view our Volunteer Recognition Day Blog
  • National Voter Education Week
  • Vote Early Day