Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA) - Customer Service CERT @NCC

Experience the excitement of achieving personal and professional success while earning credentials in the growing field of Exceptional Customer Service. Understand why building a culture of service is essential to increasing performance, productivity and profitability – individually, as a team, and organizationally. Exceed customer expectations, and your own, by attending the highly interactive, competency-based workshops highlighted in the Customer Service Certificate Program.

This Certificate Program teaches employees how to:

  • Learn the latest customer service techniques applicable to a wide range of settings
  • Receive professional training from qualified instructors with solid industry experience
  • Achieve advanced professional skills
  • Increase productivity and effectiveness
  • Improve competitiveness within your organization
  • Increase skill sets and professional value

For more details about the program, contact David Schweiger at dschweiger@northampton.edu, or complete our request for information form today!

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