Community Education Bios

Allan Grim Jr.

Allan K. Grim, Jr. is a professional handwriting analyst. An attorney for 30 years until 2000, he was certified as a Graphoanalyst in 1993. He has become a business enterprise, by analyzing, teaching, speaking, consulting, holding seminars, and publishing articles and books about this stimulating subject. He is the author of a 430-page ground-breaking book called Strokes: Inside the Fascinating, Mysterious World of Handwriting Analysis.

He is the founder and director of the Pennsylvania Handwriting Analysis Forum held in Telford, Pa. four times a year, open to the public and free. He was awarded the International Graphoanalyst of the Year in 2008 by the International Graphoanalysis Society. He also practices forensic handwriting analysis with forged documents, graffiti, historical documents, as well as ransom, suicide, and anonymous notes.