Community Education Bios

Beatriz Messina

Beatriz S. Messina is an outgoing, energetic Zumba instructor who knows first-hand the many positive benefits of exercise and healthy eating. An avid runner and Zumba student for years, she considers herself a weight-loss success story and is amazed at what one can train the body to do.

A trained Social Worker by profession, Messina knows firsthand the powerful transformations that can come when people set their minds to achieving a goal.  Having a hand in helping people make transformations in their physical health and psychological well-being through exercise is very exciting to her.

Students in her classes will find they can have a great time exercising no matter what their endurance level since she will modify movements for those just beginning.  Messina lives in the Lehigh Valley with her husband and enjoys spending time with her step-daughters, mother and aunt.