Community Education Bios

Erica Mohr

Erica Mohr has been teaching at NCC in the Horizons for Youth program at the Bethlehem Campus since 2010 and the Fowler Center since 2011. She teaches a large variety of art classes, many of her own design.

Erica received her Art Education certificate from Moravian College, although she has been taking art classes since childhood. She has been a substitute teacher in Bethlehem, Allentown, Easton, and Palisades School Districts. In her personal time, she enjoys photography, painting, drawing, reading comic books, cooking, and listening to music.

She tries to center her classes on her students' interests, tailoring projects when possible to what they would like to make. Erica tries to nurture each student's creativity as much as possible by teaching how to do something, but leaving the end result up to each student.