Community Education Bios

Kevin Weiner

Kevin Weiner is a Lehigh University graduate and is currently a software developer and consultant specializing in multimedia technologies, project management, and systems integration.  After an early stint in newspaper systems, he returned to Lehigh where he managed campus computing and networking services, most recently as Director for Advanced Technology.  Since then, he has worked as an independent consultant, focusing largely on audio, video, and animation software development.

A life-long guitar player, Kevin came to the Fab Lab in early 2015 to build a guitar - and never left.  He brings many years of experience in acoustics, audio processing, and music synthesis, having worked with musical instrument manufacturers including Roland US, JLCooper, and Turtle Beach Systems.  He also has a (possibly irrational) fascination with decorative inlays. One of his mottos is "We'll try everything we can to make it sound good, but it darn well is going to look good."