Community Education Bios

Nanette Wallis

Nanette Wallis was introduced to glass art by taking a glass mosaics class at Northampton County Community College almost ten years ago. From there, she went to the next level by taking multiple fused glass classes at the college. This inspired her to grow her capabilities including intensive training sessions with established well known artists in the field, including Patty Gray and Amanda Simmons, among others. Her work has been on display and sold at numerous venues over the last half dozen years.

She brings to the table a business background with both a Bachelor of Science and Master’s degrees from DeSales University.  Her passion with glass art has led to the creation of a large studio in her home including multiple kilns and a large variety of equipment she uses for the creation of her diverse portfolio.

Making a circle back to her roots, Nanette is now excited to be once again in the classroom. She is now teaching what she learned, sharing her experience, knowledge and techniques, and inspiring students to be both capable and excited to make their own glass creations.