Community Education Bios

Qun Xu

Qun Xu started teaching a Chinese Language course on the NCC Bethlehem Campus in 2003. From March 2004 to October 2006, she was an ESL guide in the Bethlehem Area School District. She taught English to Chinese students and provided tutoring in all subjects, helping students improve their academic standings. She has attended the HuaXia Chinese School instructor training every year and received the Outstanding Teacher Award in the HuaXia Chinese School system three times in 11 years.

Her goal for students is to gain a firm grasp on the basics of the Chinese Language by learning the phonetics and commonly used characters. Pin Yin believes that in setting the foundation for a language, beginners need stimuli for the foundation to stick. She uses different games and fun activities to motivate and enhance the introduction and early studies of the Chinese Language.