Community Education Bios

Sharon Jones Zondag

Sharon Jones Zondag is a 4th generation beekeeper who has been NCC's resident beekeeper since 2012.  Growing up with bees, it wasn't until 2010 that she began pursuing a long desire to keep bees herself.  Her bee education includes Penn State classes through the Lehigh Valley Beekeepers Association where she is a member, the Apprentice program at Cornell University at Dyce Laboratories; both summer and fall, the Introductory Beekeeping winter program offered by LVBA and continuing experience in the apiary.  Her father is in his fifth decade of beekeeping and at 85 continues to be her #1 mentor.  Every beekeeper needs one!  A long time retail executive, Sharon most recently spent 7 years in the Advancement Department at NCC as the Planned and Major Gifts Officer.  She is currently Executive Director of the R.K. Laros Foundation and President of sjzconsulting LLC.