Community Education Bios


Tahya, who believes we all *deserve* to feel good & have fun on the dance floor, has been teaching at NCC since 1999.  A vibrant dancer with over 30 years of teaching and performance experience both nationally and internationally, Tahya is also an ACE-certified instructor.  She is recognized among the leading authorities on Middle and Far Eastern drumming and dance traditions and is an award-winning performer and member of the elite Lehigh Valley College Dance Alliance.   Her artistic expression celebrates a grounded, earthy, sensual style while simultaneously building cultural awareness and dance appreciation. Belly dance, with a wonderful millennia-old history, celebrates the femininity & creativity of every woman's unique essence.  Now more than ever, living in a fast-paced technologically-centered culture, classes with Tahya give *YOU* the opportunity to renew a heightened sense of self in a celebratory way!  Tahya entices liberation of the dance spirit within *YOU* ~ Viva la liberación!