Language & Writing

Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic... enrich your life learning a new language. Beginning and advanced classes are available, including conversation workshops. Learn American Sign Language to better communicate with the hearing impaired. Even try Basic Chinese for adults as part of our partnership with the Lehigh Valley HuaXia Chinese School.

All instructors are fluent in their language and have lived, studied, and vacationed in the country which their language is spoken; some are native speakers.

Do you want to share your thoughts, ideas and memories with others?  Our writing classes offer guidance in developing writing skills for personal memoirs, blogging, and novels.  

Command Spanish

Customize a Spanish class for your organization. Employees gain a basic understanding of the Spanish language useful in a variety of careers and workplaces. Emphasis is placed on understanding Spanish, learning common vocabulary and phrases, and speaking in work-specific situations for a more efficient and safe workplace. Courses can be held at Northampton Community College or at your location, and course length is flexible, 12-20 hours total. Email or call 610-861-4146. 

Topics include:

  • Community Spanish: A Survival Guide for English Speakers;
  • Survival Spanish for Law Enforcement Officers;
  • Spanish for Nursing;
  • Spanish for the Workplace;
  • Spanish for School Administrators, Teachers, and Support Staff;
  • Spanish for Paramedics and EMTs;
  • Inglès Mìnimo/Minimum English;
  • Basic Spanish for Travelers;
  • Spanish for Industry, Manufacturing, and Warehousing;
  • Spanish for Construction Sites;
  • Spanish for Retail Sales;
  • Spanish for the Physician's Office;
  • Spanish for Dental Staff;
  • Spanish for First Responders;
  • Spanish for Banking.

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