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Need a quick snapshot of what our Construction Management program offers? Check out our FAQs below.

The demand for qualified Construction Managers continues to increase, and getting started at NCC is a cost-effective way to maximize your potential in the field. If you're unsure if this is the path for you, check out some of our frequently asked questions below to get more information about the degree, career outlook, articulation agreements and program requirments. If you have more questions, or would like to visit our site, please call 610-332-6262; M-F. 8:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. or email our Program Manager, Dan Phillipps, at  We look forward to working together!

Is the program offered full-time and part-time, and can I start in either the Fall or Spring?

Construction Management (CMGT) can be full or part-time. Students can start in any semester, but Fall is preferred due to certain CMGT courses only running in either Fall or Spring. Advising is important to ensure timely and sequential progress.

Are there industry certifications students can obtain as part of the program?


What is the difference between a Specialized Diploma, Certificate, and Associate's in Applied Science?

A Specialized Diploma is a two-semester program; the Certificate is a three-semester program, and the Associates in Applied Science is a four-semester program. Each program is stackable, which means you can complete one program and transfer the credits into the next program in sequence. Wages would increase based on the program completed. Currently, CMGT is only offered as an AAS degree.

What is the average starting salary?

  • Associates in Applied Science - This will vary with the learned skills and the education level (CMGT has successful A.A.S. graduates in the field but is also designed for transfer towards a CMGT Bachelor's degree at institutions such as Penn College of Technology. Internships (post-graduation) $17-20 hr, (experienced managers can average in the $30-40 hr. range).

What are the physical requirements with this career choice?

Being on job sites varies with indoors and outdoors management tasks and office work, but heavy lifting, etc., are usually not required.

How much hands-on exposure is there?

The program is about learning various aspects of the building trades and management skills. Although some courses work with industry-standard software (CADM and Estimating), which may require hands-on activities.

What are the career opportunities for this major?

  • Associates in Applied Science – Construction Technicians, Construction Managers, Construction Administrators, Construction and Building Inspectors, Construction Cost Estimators Superintendents, Project Managers, Construction Company Owners, Construction Equipment Operators, Code Enforcement Officer, Construction Specifier

What is the career placement percentage?

As of the last Audit: 80% of graduates were employed and 20% were continuing towards a Bachelor's degree.

What local companies have hired past graduates?

D'Huy Engineering Inc., PennDOT Engineering District 5, Advantage Engineers, L.L.C., Blue Rock Construction, Inc., Klover Contracting, Inc., Network Building & Consulting, S&D Renovations, Inc., Victaulic, Polokwane Local Municipality, Solebury Township, and many more.

Are there online course options within this program?

The majority of the Gen-ED and business-directed courses are available online. Most CMGT specific courses (with two exceptions due to CADM and Estimating software being employed in our onsite computer labs or sequential Construction Print Reading courses that run in tandem with other programs) are currently running in either a Blended Online or Asynchronous online fashion.

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