Pass/No-Credit Grading Information


 *The deadline for Pass/Noncredit Grading has passed*

Northampton Community College is offering a pass/non-credit grading option for students enrolled in credit courses during the spring 2020 semester. Beginning today through May 31, you can elect this option for any of your spring 2020 courses by completing a form on our website. Please note: some courses are not eligible for this option, see below.

The chart below shows you how your letter grade will be converted in the Pass/No-Credit system:

Alternative Grading System Letter Grades Numerical Grades GPA Impact
"P" A, A-, B+, B-, C+, C 73 and above No Impact
"P-" C-,D 60-72.99 No Impact
NC F Below 60 No Impact


The following courses cannot be taken using the pass/no-credit system (any EARL course, any DENH course, any DSMG course, any FUNS course, any NURS course, any RADT course, any SPED course, PSAP280: Applied Psychology Experiential Learning.

Students should consult with their advisors (Success Navigators or faculty advisors) before selecting the P/NC option. Factors to consider:

  • On Academic Probation this spring? Pass/No-Credit grading will not count toward your academic performance. You’re strongly encouraged to speak with an academic probation counselor before selecting the P/NC option.
  • Intending to apply for a selective admission program ( Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Radiography, Sonography, Funeral Service)? You are advised NOT to use the pass/no-Credit option. This could interfere with your potential acceptance into the respective program.
  • Planning to transfer after NCC? The PA state colleges and universities (PASSHE) have agreed to accept “P” grades for transfer. Students planning to transfer to other institutions should discuss P/NC grading with their desired future institution.
  • Are you a dual enrollment student? High school dual enrolled students should discuss the P/NC with their high school guidance counselor before electing P/NC grading.