Re-Opening Task Force



Judith Rex, Ph.D.    

David A. Ruth, Ph.D.

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Progress updates for each subcommittee are posted on MyNCC:
MyNCC > Working at NCC > Coronavirus Updates > NCC Updates > Re-Opening Task Force

Subcommittees and Chairs

Academics (includes library, childcare, learning centers)
Carolyn Bortz
Karen Bearce
Allison Fitzpatrick (Monroe)

Physical Plant (assess space available for social distancing classrooms, new cleaning standards, access to building)
Bill Smith
Tom BarnowskI
Natalie Kulick

Health and Safety working with Infectious Disease group (monitor and advise on CDC and State guidelines)
Judy Rex
David Ruth
Tom Barnowski
Allison Fitzpatrick (Monroe)

Public Safety / Athletics / Student Life (assess needs and plans for these areas)
Sedgwick Harris
Troy Tucker
Keith Morris
Sandra Sander

Non-credit and workforce training (summer camps, fab lab, workforce, CMED programs):
Lauren Loeffler

Budget, HR, IT and implementation (workforce and budget factors, how to operationalize):
Jim Dunleavy
Karen Angeny
Deb Burak

Residential Living (what will residence halls look like, Quarantine & Isolation wings, guests, staffing)
Janelle Howey
David Ruth
Sedgwick Harris
Sharon Beales