FAQs & Support Services for Spring 2021


The College's first priority remains the health, safety and well-being of our students, faculty, staff and community as we plan for each semester. We are confident that if we all work together, it can be a successful and a safe semester. 

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Healthy Campus Environment
Campus Life, Facilities and Fees
Technology Resources
Financial Aid and Work Study

1. Will  courses and services be delivered online? 

Classes will be delivered in one of the following instructional formats: 

1. On-Site
2. Hybrid
3. Online
4. Online Blended
5. Remote

These formats are designed to give students more control of their learning, while placing an emphasis on health and safety practices to prevent spread of COVID-19. Some online courses will meet regularly at set scheduled times each week, while others are self-paced with weekly milestones, allowing students to access classes online whenever best suits their schedules.  

View additional information about our course formats.  

2.  How will I know if my classes are on-site, hybrid, or online? 

If you've already registered for classes, log into  MyNCC  to view your schedule.  Look for these codes to see in which format your classes are being delivered:

On-site – numbered sections with days and times listed; 1-49 Bethlehem; 50+ Monroe

Hybrid – T (Bethlehem); 7 (Monroe)

Online – W (regular start); V (late start)

Online Blended – B sections with days and times listed

Remote – W, V, - date/time

For more information about a specific class, email  nccrrt@northampton.edu. When choosing classes, you can use the same codes to tell how your course will be delivered. 

3.  I am not comfortable with online classes. Or, I am not comfortable coming to campus to take classes. What are my options if my course delivery does not meet my preference? 

Please complete this form to be connected to an advising team member. Once your information is received, someone will be in touch to discuss your options. 

4. My classes for the are now all online. Don’t I deserve a refund because online courses don’t cost as much to deliver as those delivered on campus.

On the surface, it may seem like online classes would require fewer resources to deliver and therefore tuition for these classes should be less expensive than those classes delivered on campus. But in reality, that’s simply not the case.

In fact, it can cost the same or actually be more expensive to develop and deliver online classes compared to those taught on campus.

Here’s why:

  • Online classes are created and taught by skilled faculty who have been carefully trained to teach students in an online environment. Our professors spend many hours developing the online curriculum used to help students learn and succeed.
  • There are significant software and infrastructure needs related to providing effective online learning that come with large additional costs.
  • All NCC online courses go through rigorous review to ensure the student experience is equivalent and learning outcomes are identical to on ground classes.
  • It’s also worth noting that the number of students in online classes is intentionally limited, (in many cases with fewer students than in classroom settings) to provide more engagement opportunities between faculty and students.

Regardless of how our courses are delivered - on campus, online or in a blended format, NCC remains one the most affordable college options in the state and a best consumer value.

Healthy Campus Environment 

1.  What is the plan to keep students safe on campus? 

NCC has gone above and beyond to ensure the safety of students, faculty and staff while at any NCC location. A special task force has been working for months now to make sure NCC meets or exceeds all necessary health and safety standards.

To protect everyone’s health and safety, we are sanitizing campus spaces frequently and have put in place expanded hand cleaning/sanitizing supplies throughout college. We are also offering students temperature checking and personal protection equipment (face masks and shields) in centralized areas. Classrooms and public areas are spaced for social distancing and water fountains are shut off, but bottle fill stations remain in use. We have also restricted the number of entrances to all buildings and HVAC ventilation levels have been set to exceed CDC guidelines. In addition, food service areas will be open but will be restricted to grab and go offerings.

As we continue to take the necessary steps to keep our community safe during the pandemic, access to campuses will be limited to students who are attending classes, seeking support services, using the bookstore or preparing to go to classes. Faculty and staff members will be permitted on campus but the general public will not be allowed to access campus facilities.

In conjunction with this effort, the college is introducing an identification (ID) card protocol. As part of the protocol all students, faculty, and staff will be required to display their college ID at all times while on campus. For details, click here. To learn what to do if you have lost or can’t find your NCC ID fill out this form.

We have also added new features to the NCCGo mobile app to help with campus health and safety efforts. The app now features a Health Central section that offers quick access to health and safety information and resources. It includes a self-health assessment that every student must complete each time they come to campus. Following completion of health assessment questions, you will be informed either that you are allowed on campus or that you should contact the health center for further instructions. Failure to complete the health assessment before you come to any campus location will result in loss of privileges to take classes on site (you may continue to take online classes).

Familiarize yourself with safety procedures before you come to campus with this video.

  • You must check in upon your arrival to campus. You can check in via the NCCGo app or in person.
  • Check-in for the Bethlehem Campus is the College Center main entrance, from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Please plan to arrive early to allow time for your check-in at either campus. 
  • Check in on the Monroe Campus is at the Keystone Hall main entrance from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. 
  •  If you have a temperature above 100.4 F or you are feeling ill, do not come to campus. 
  • Ask yourself if you have been exposed to someone with COVID or that exhibits COVID symptoms. If so, contact your healthcare provider and the health center at https://www.northampton.edu/campus-life/health-and-wellness-center.htm . 
  • You must use the proper entry and exit doors and avoid gatherings while on campus. You should go to your class directly after check-in and minimize amount of time on campus and leave when completed with your class. 
  • Wash your hands frequently and clean surfaces in your work/study area using available sanitizing products.  

2. How do I get my NCC Student ID?

If you currently possess an ID from a previous semester that is legible, you do not need a new card. If you need a new or replacement card, you can submit a photo using the form that can be found here.

3.  Will students be expected to get tested for COVID-19 before returning to campus? 

No, students are not required to be tested for COVID-19 before coming to campus. However, anyone who is experiencing cough, fever, and/or shortness of breath, as well as persons who have had contact with someone with a known case of coronavirus,  should stay home and  contact their health care provider and reach out to the Northampton Community College Health Center by phone at (610) 861-5365 or email at   HealthCenter@Northampton.edu or   tnewman@northampton.edu.  

4.  Will I be required to wear a face mask when returning to campus? Will NCC provide masks? 

Northampton Community College requires students, faculty, staff and visitors to wear face coverings in all college spaces, including outdoors and indoors, whenever you are on campus and outside of your car. Anyone using a dining facility should cover their face until they sit down to eat and then put the face covering back on immediately after.   

  • Masks are required at all times on campus.
  • Any individuals who fail to comply with these requirements may face consequences, starting with removal from the class, workspace or activity until college guidance is followed. 
  • Students who have medical issues that may make wearing face masks difficult should contact  NCC's Health Center by phone at (610) 861-5365 or email at   HealthCenter@Northampton.edu or  tnewman@northampton.edu. 
  • Children under age 2 are exempt. 
  • Both washable cloth and disposable face coverings are acceptable.  
  • If you come to campus and do not have a face covering, one will be provided for you at one of the check-in stations.

5.  How will you enforce health and safety guidelines? 

There will be expectations of all members of the NCC community to follow all health and safety standard set forth by the college. Physical distancing, face masks and surface disinfection protocols will be in effect and will be enforced for everyone on any of our campuses.  

The primary goal remains to mitigate transmission of COVID-19 on our campuses and in our communities; this is both an individual and a collective responsibility. Before returning to campus, all students, faculty and staff will receive a detailed outline covering risk mitigation strategy and associated enforcement measure, so everyone understands what is expected. For example, if a student decides NOT to wear a face covering in class, they will be asked to comply with college guidance. If they still chose to not comply, the student may be removed from the class and face further consequences. 

6.  What should I do if I witness someone not following health and safety guidelines? 

Politely and considerately ask them to wear a mask and social distance or notify Public Safety.
Bethlehem: 610-861-5588
Monroe: 570-369-1911
Fowler: 484-390-3240

7.  Will you limit the number of students in a class? 

Yes, the number of students in any given space will be limited to ensure proper social distancing protocols can be followed at all times. 

8.  Will residence halls be open in the Fall? If so, what safety precautions are being taken? 

The College is reopening its residential halls which offer on-campus living options for students. To address health and safety needs, the halls will be operating at reduced capacity, with all students placed into single rooms. 

All resident students will be required to wear masks outside of their rooms whenever they are using public spaces (hallways, bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc.) and practice social distancing. The bathrooms and common spaces will be cleaned using enhanced cleaning methods. No outside visitors or guests will be allowed in the building.

The move-in process will be contactless. Students will be given a reusable fabric mask and hand sanitizer at movie-in.

Large lounge furniture will be removed; other furniture will be arranged with social distancing in mind. Cafeteria seating will be cut in half, more grab-n-go items will be available, no salad bar or self-serve will be offered.

An area is a reserved for quarantine and a plan is in place in the event a resident student tests positive for COVID-19.

9.  Will students living in residence halls be allowed to return to campus after Thanksgiving break? 

The academic calendar has not changed and students will be allowed to return to the residence hall after Thanksgiving Break. If they travel to an area deemed a “hot spot” they will need to follow the protocol as outlined in Pandemic Travel Procedure. This document will be sent out to resident students prior to moving in for them to review. The Office of Housing and Residence Life will be reviewing Thanksgiving Break and Winter Break closing in the middle of the semester to decide if any major changes need to be made. Any major changes will be communicated to resident students well in advance.

10.  If  Lehigh County or Monroe County goes back to the yellow or red phase, how will that impact classes? 

During red phase, all work and instruction would move to remote or virtual delivery.  In the yellow phase, we would adjust any on site or hybrid courses according to the guidance issued by the Governor or PA Department of Education. 

11. What is the inclement weather policy?

NCC’s approach to closing facilities and cancelling or delaying classes has been modified through the remainder of the academic year recognizing that most classes are currently being delivered virtually/remotely. 

If the college closes its facilities or delays opening due to inclement weather, students will be notified using the college’s regular communications process. Sign up here to receive alerts for all weather and emergency information on your phone or mobile device. All virtual/remote classes will be held according to regular schedules and online asynchronous classes will not be affected by campus closures or delayed openings. 

Classes held on campus (currently limited to programs with hands-on lab and clinical requirements necessary to complete student outcomes) would be cancelled or delayed. Faculty members teaching in these programs/courses are encouraged to conduct affected classes in a virtual format, if possible, for that date. Students enrolled in these on-campus courses will receive communication from their faculty member if the decision is made to hold their class remotely when the campus is closed.

Campus Life, Facilities and Fees 

1.  When will the bookstores reopen? 

Bethlehem – The bookstore is currently open and the hours will change week by week. They will be posted on the bookstore website. 23 students allowed in at a time.

Monroe Campus - The bookstore is currently open and the hours will be on the bookstore website. Limit of 20 students allowed in at one time.

For more information:


2.  When will facilities such as the Student Life Zone, Fitness Center, and Open Gym open? 

Gym and Fitness Center

For the foreseeable future, there will be no Open Gym. Decisions regarding the Fitness Center are still under discussion if it will open for general use under a limited basis, or just be for PHED classes.

Student Life Zone

The Student Life Zone will be open for students on a daily basis, no reservations necessary, following all safety protocols.  However, the Student Life Zone may be closed if it is reserved for something else. 

Groups on campus (student groups, faculty clusters, administrative groups) can reserve the space if needed because it is larger and can accommodate socially distanced meetings.  Any reservations for the Zone must go through Mary Lou Collis at mcollis@northampton.edu.  If the Student Life Zone is to be closed for any reason during the day (due to an event, training, or a meeting of some sort), we will make announcements and put signage out so students know the Zone is not able to be used at that time.

3.  Can I still join a student club? If so, how are club meetings being held? 

Students can still join active student clubs. Student Life is hosting a virtual club fair over three days, September 8-10. More information will be available soon.

Clubs are encouraged to host meetings virtually in their preferred platform. However, some will still host small meetings and gatherings in person using proper distancing protocols. Check with the club officers or advisors for more information. The Student Life Office can help students get in contact with clubs they’d like more information about or to join.

4.  Are library and bookstore resources available online? 


Students have 24/7 access to the library’s digital materials, including eBooks, streaming videos, and databases, from off-campus. Login with your MyNCC username and password when prompted. Our online research guides, videos, and tutorials can be accessed from the library website. Reference and research help is available during the semester Monday through Saturday through the Ask the Librarian chat, by email askthelibrarian@northampton.edu, by phone at 610-861-5359, or by scheduling a virtual Book a Librarian appointment.

While both Bethlehem and Monroe Libraries remain closed to the public, all currently registered students will be able to request items from both the Bethlehem and Monroe physical collections for pickup or UPS delivery (free service) through our Library to Go service. Items from other regional libraries may be requested through interlibrary loan.

Cyber labs are available at both the Bethlehem campus (CC114 & CC117) and Monroe (Library & KEYS 150) for access to computers, Wi-Fi, and black and white printing.

Materials may be returned to NCC Libraries at outdoor book drops located at both campuses, or through UPS shipping (free service).

a. Return by Shipping: e-mail Librarytogo@northampton.edu

b. Bethlehem Campus Book Drop Location: North Door to College center, entrance off the quad

c. Monroe Campus Book Drop Location: West Door to Keystone Hall entrance, by the parking lot

Testing centers in the library are currently closed and all on-site test proctoring is suspended. Remote proctoring for TEAS is available for NCC nursing applicants.
Please visit the library's website for more details, to connect with us, submit requests, and for the most up to date information about our resources and services.


The bookstore is strongly suggesting online orders as they are limited to the number of students allowed in store. Online pick-up will be outside our emergency doors that face the Spartan parking lot and faces the gazebo.

Masks will need to be worn at all times in the bookstore.

At the Bethlehem Campus bookstore, hand sanitizer is located outside the "in" door. There is also a designated “out” door to control traffic. We will be limited to 23 students in the location at a time. Online pick up will be outside our emergency doors that faces the Spartan parking lot and the gazebo. That location will also be used for anyone that has a health issue that prevents them from wearing a mask. There are tents set up so that students can wait under them while social distancing.

There will also be another location for online pick-ups and textbook purchases. That will be down the hallway by the Marketing Department that is behind the bookstore. We have a window that we will work out of to help assist with online pick-ups as well as financial aid purchases. There are social distancing labels placed along the line in the store, outside the store up the hallway and in the marketing hallway. In the marketing hallway, there is a limit of ten customers to wait in line there. 

5.  How can I access Student Services such as Counseling, Learning Center, Career Services, and others? Are these offices open? 

For Counseling, Advising, and Disability Services, we will be encouraging students to access remote support (e.g., Zoom, email, phone) when possible to maximize safety.  However, limited in-person services will be available for students wanting or needing to come to either the Monroe or Bethlehem campuses to receive services.

The Bethlehem Learning Center will be open only for student questions for limited hours. Tutoring will all be online, and computers and printing will be available to students on the first floor of College Center. 

Students can also get help with making appointments in the computer labs on the first floor (hours to be announced).

The Monroe Learning Center doors will not be open for walk-ins, but students can find help about accessing tutoring in the Monroe Campus Library. The Monroe Learning Center is now offering live, interactive video tutoring.  To access this resource:

  • Visit our website at  http://northampton.edu/learningcenter.
    • If you have not used our online scheduling system before, click on " Register for an account."
    • When registering for an account, be sure to use your NCC student e-mail address and to choose a ten character password.
  • Log on to the scheduling system from our website and follow the instructions after you log on to create an appointment.
  • At the day and time of your appointment, return to our website, log on, click on your appointment on the schedule, and then click on the link that reads, "click here to access your session." This will take you to your live online session with a tutor or academic coach.
  • If you have any questions or need any assistance, you can speak with someone at our  Virtual Front Desk.

Career Services

The physical office location for The Center for Career Development at the Bethlehem Campus is on the second floor of College Center -- College Center 250 office suite. We will have availability on a limited basis on campus, however, we will continue to offer services and appointments virtually via Zoom, email and phone. 

Students can visit our website to access online resources and more information about our services. The Center for Career Development can be reached at 610-861-5344 and by email at careers@northampton.edu. Students can also make appointments on Handshake northampton.handshake.com or by calling 610-861-5344.

6.  My classes are now all online. Don’t I deserve a refund because online courses don’t cost as much to deliver as those delivered on campus? 

Online classes are created and taught by skilled faculty who have been carefully trained to teach students in an online environment. Our professors spend many hours developing the online curriculum used to help students learn and succeed.  

There are significant software and infrastructure needs related to providing effective online learning that come with large additional costs.  

All NCC online courses go through rigorous review to ensure the student experience is equivalent and learning outcomes are identical to on ground classes. 

It’s also worth noting that the number of students in online classes is intentionally limited, (in many cases with fewer students than in classroom settings) to provide more engagement opportunities between faculty and students.  

Regardless of how our courses are delivered - on campus, online or in a blended format, NCC remains one the most affordable college options in the state and a best consumer value. 

Technology Resources 

1. I don't have access to a computer or internet for participating in remote learning. Is there help available? 

Drop-in computer centers are located on each campus in College Center 114 and 117, Keystone 150, Monroe Library, and Fowler 103. They are available on an appointment basis.  Please sign up here. Further, the  college bookstore has computers for sale. Students may also use financial aid credit to purchase laptops at the bookstore. Here’s how you may check to see if you have a financial aid credit at the bookstore:

  • Go to MyNCC:
  • Student Financial Info > Bursar/Tuition Bill > Tuition Bill .
  • Set Options at the top left of the bill is set to the current semester
  • Your financial aid is listed in the bottom right section of the bill and may show under “Pending” until the semester is underway. Pending financial aid on your tuition bill can be deducted from the Computer Balance on your bill to determine if you owe a remaining balance.

The college ITS Helpdesk has a limited number of Chromebooks to loan out. Contact  helpdesk@northampton.edu or 610-861-5413 for availability.

NCC provides free indoor and outdoor wireless for students. All of the indoor buildings are covered with WiFi. At the Bethlehem Campus, the parking lot in back of Penn Hall, T-Building visitor spots, and Reibman Hall spots can all get WiFi signal. At Monroe, the entire parking lot in front of Keystone Hall has WiFi signal.

View Bethlehem Map (PDF)

View Monroe Map (PDF)

View Directions

2. Where can I find options for affordable Internet?

3. How can I get access to Microsoft Applications?

Registered students have access to the Microsoft O365 suite. View more information

4. My Instructor wants me to use Zoom. How can I learn more about Zoom?

View Online Technology Help now

5. What if I need access to specialized software only available in labs?

 Your instructor will provide specific information if you are enrolled in such a class. 

View Online Technology Help for more information.

6. I'm receiving benefits from the VA, will I be penalized for taking online classes?  

The VA won't penalize students for transitioning into online learning. Benefits will remain the same as long as all classes are completed

      Financial Aid/Work Study 

      1. I have had some financial challenges that affect my being able to attend classes due to the effects of COVID-19 on me (and/or my family). What are my options? 

      Reach out to the financial aid office at  financialaid@northampton.edu, 610-861-5512, or schedule an appointment to meet with the Financial Aid Office.   A financial aid advisor can provide customized advice/solutions for you which may include counseling on all available forms of aid or assisting with making an adjustment on the FAFSA to more accurately reflect your current economic situation.

      For information about on or off campus programs that can help, contact Maryann Haytmanek, SpartanAid, KEYS, New Choices Project Director, in College Center, Room 203, 610-861-4555, mhaytmanek@northampton.edu.

      2.  Are work study positions available?

      Work Study positions will still be be available.  Visit the work study to see open jobs for the semester. This list is usually updated every 1-2 weeks as new jobs are requested. Students can use the contact information included with each job posting if they find something they are interested in.