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Consultation and Training

NCC's Disability Services staff offers full-day training workshops and consultations to help educators and others deliver the ACT Now curriculum more effectively. Workshops are held at Northampton and can also be scheduled on-site by a contracting school district. The workshops are divided into two parts:

Part One

Participants will develop a thorough understanding of the transition experience regarding laws and accommodations and essential skills for students with disabilities.

Part Two

Participants will understand the components and benefits of the ACT Now curriculum, including the design and collaborative nature of a Transition Skills Development Team, transition curriculum modules and workshops, and delivery methods for transition skills development in students with disabilities, their families and their educators through a discussion based PowerPoint format.

Participants will examine sample materials and templates from the ACT Now curriculum.

For more information about upcoming workshops and registration, Contact or call Laraine Demshock, Coordinator of Disability Services at 610.861.5342.