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Northampton Community College has launched a new online initiative supporting K-12 educators teaching online or in the classroom. The initiative, which features innovative professional learning content from Discovery Education—the global leader in standards-aligned digital curriculum resources, engaging content, and professional learning for K-12 classrooms—is comprised of seven online learning modules. Through these modules, which will be available on-demand, educators will learn valuable strategies for engaging all students wherever learning is taking place.

Educators can take any or all of the modules, allowing them to learn on their own time and at their own pace. These modules focus on helping current educators develop the skills needed to feel confident and successfully navigate the fully online or hybrid learning environment. Topics such as online assessments, digital citizenship, fostering learner engagement, creating a sense of community, and using technology to help meet individual learner needs are all addressed in NCC’s online learning modules.

For more information, contact Audree Chase, associate dean of community education, at 610-861-5507 or


Getting Started with Online Learning
This module explores what it means to be a reflective practitioner who continues to explore knowledge and skills in his or her field, the role of online learning in preparing learners to participate as global citizens, models digital citizenship, maintains accurate records, and can explain professional responsibilities related to accessibility. This lens offers a framework or context as we lay a foundation for our step-by-step journey to a fully online learning environment.

Becoming a Digital Citizen
Educator professional responsibility reaches beyond the classroom into each student's world. Students need to understand how to navigate their digital spaces responsibly, and the potential long-term ramifications of their digital footprints. Their habits, actions, connections, respect for and right to privacy, and choices in what (or what not) to share all compose digital literacy.

Building an Online Community
Students who can comment on, critique, share, question, and extend their learning in the online environment are able to take advantage of the benefits an online community affords them. Learning is a social process, one that requires community and relationship building that happen differently in the online versus face-to-face space.

Digital Pedagogy in the Online Environment
Pedagogy or strategies and techniques for teaching are at the heart of an effective instructional process. Since teaching in the online environment is different from teaching in a face-to-face environment, it requires a modified skill set that is appropriate for remote instruction.

Learner Engagement in the Online Environment
Learner Engagement in the Online Environment explores what it means to use digital tools to achieve learner growth. It goes further to expand on that basic tenet to examine how to engage learner agency, customize pace/paths for each student, ways to establish relationships with students and stakeholders, how to communicate effectively online, and methods for quality instruction and engagement.

Assessment in the Online Environment
Assessment represents the bridge between effective teaching and student retention and application. It is a means to identify and evaluate any gaps between knowledge rendered and knowledge retained. Effective online assessment strategies can inform and improve your teaching while they foster and measure student learning.

Meeting Individual Learner Needs
As a professional educator, you already know that each student is as unique as his or her fingerprints. Students bring unique needs, strengths, challenges, and preferences to the learning situation. Part of your job is to meet and accommodate each one of them to ensure that they are learning and achieving to the best of their ability.

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