Guiding Principles

Art is a language

The arts are a language organized by elements and principles that provide a medium for communicating information, posing and solving problems, and expressing imagination and feelings.

Children use art

Children demonstrate a natural, spontaneous ability to use and develop competency I the various symbol systems. Their singing, stories, dancing, dramas, and painting demonstrate an unabashed enthusiasm for artistic communication.

Art leads learning

When children use art as a language, they develop skills and tools to communicate effectively while they explore essential ways of reasoning such as visual thinking, image making and problem posing and solving.

Teachers guide learning

When teachers define and explore art as a language, student curiosity is nurtured, and individual interests and perceptual strengths are appreciated.

Adults are learners and advocates

Art as a Way of Learning capitalizes on the unique thinking and inspiration that occurs during collaboration. You and your partners will share curiosity about the arts, integrate curriculum, and consult with each other about children's learning needs.