Horizons Teacher Degree Program

"Northampton Community College is excited to partner with Bright Horizons to offer their employees a great start to their academic career. Research in the field of early childhood education continues to document the need for our youngest children to have highly qualified teachers. This initiative to make enrolling and paying for college easier for employees, recognizes the value of enhancing the knowledge and skills of early education practitioners as a tool to increase the quality of care and education provided to children across our country. Northampton's history of excellence in preparing early childhood teachers is a perfect match for this endeavor."

~ Dr. Carolyn Bortz, NCC, Vice President, Academic Affairs

Attention Bright Horizons Employees!

Beginning Summer 2018, you can earn your degree for free!" That's right... free tuition! This includes the application fee, books and tuition costs for our Early Childhood Education: Infant to Grade 4 Associate Degree Program. There are no out of pocket expenses! As a employee of Bright Horizons you may take up to 6 classes per year in the ECE AAS Degreed Program fully covered by the Horizons Teacher Degree Program. There is also a path for bachelors degree programs also fully covered by the Horizons Teacher Degree Program.

For those with a current CDA Credential or an eCDA Certificate, please explore this site for all the information you'll need about our programs.

To receive the Horizons Teacher Degree Program (Horizons for short):



Before you apply to Northampton, you must meet with an advisor from Ed Assist. You can contact them by calling (877) 899-1699 from 8:00 am - 8:00 pm EST to schedule your session.


Receive an Employee Verification Letter from EdAssist to attend Northampton Community College.


For New Students to NCC: Once you have completed your advising session with Ed Assist and have your employment verification letter complete the following steps.

Print out the PDF Application for Admissions with Bright Horizons and NCC. When completing please select Early Childhood Education PreK-4 as your major. Sign, scan, and email the following to processingcenter@northampton.edu or fax to (610) 861-5551 (Attention to: Bright Horizons Application for Admission):
The following documents must be submitted at the same time:
1. Completed application
2. Student Release of Information Form
3. Employee Verification Letter from Ed Assist (see step 2)

Submission of these documents will allow NCC to waive your application fee. If you are a current or returning student or a transfer student, skip to step 18. PLEASE NOTE: If you apply late (within 7-10 days of the start date of the program) you may not receive your Student ID# in a timely manner.


Take English and/or Math Placement Tests or to take placements tests offsite you may contact NCC advising at (610) 861-5346 or mhenry@northampton.edu There are sample community college placement test questions available for practice https://accuplacer.collegeboard.org/educator/next-generation


Contact Advising Office for selection of course(s). Please print Northampton Community College Credit Registration Form to use during your advising appointment. You can also call (610) 861-5074 or (610) 861-5346.


After you have completed your NCC advising session, submit course recommendations to Ed Assist to receive your  Letter of Credit.  Submit both the Letter of Credit and Credit Registration form (PDF) to record@northampton.edu to process your registration. You will receive a confirmation via mail.



Receive a Student Data Sheet - Student ID#. After your application is complete, you will receive a Student Data Sheet and other information in the mail. The Student Data Sheet provides you with a Student ID#. This number is found in the upper right-hand corner of the Student Data Sheet. This number is NOT your social security number. Other information such as passwords and an email confirmation will also be sent in the mail. You will need this information to access your course work online in order to log into your class. The information provided in the mailing from Northampton Community College will help you get started. PLEASE NOTE: If you register late (within 7-10 days of the start date of the program) you may not receive your Student ID# in a timely manner.


Complete the Online Orientation - Once you receive your Student ID#, go into MyNCChttps://myncc.northampton.edu/ics/ by entering your username and password and follow the directions for the online orientation. PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to register for classes until the orientation is complete.


You can transfer 9 credits into the ECE associates degree if you have a current CDA from Bright Horizons and the Council for Professional Recognition. To apply for these credits please send a copy of your current CDA certificate to education@northampton.edu.


If you would like additional information about online learning resources, visit NCC’s Virtual Learning Resources page at : https://northampton.edu/academics/online-classes/resources.htm


Order Textbooks. You will need your Student ID (received from submission of your Application for Admissions with Northampton Community College). Use this number to select and invoice textbooks to BH for your courses.

Follow these easy instructions when ordering online at the NCC Bookstore:

    • Select Books
    • Select Your Campus - Northampton Community College
    • Select Your Program - Main Campus
    • Select Your Term - Spring, Summer or Fall and the Year
    • Select your Department - Early Childhood (EARL course code) or another department. Please check your credit registration form that you submitted
    • Select your Course
    • Select your Section - this is specific to the course you've enrolled. Again, please check your credit registration form that you submitted
    • Click Submit
    • Choose appropriate required materials for your course(s). You can only choose NEW or USED materials. Please Note: You will be unable to rent materials. Click add to cart.
    • When you complete your ordering for your couse(s), click Go to Cart. Check to make sure all of your items are in your cart. Click checkout.
    • Create an account. Add your name, email address, shipping address, ect. Click next
    • Click ship to residence (this automatically ships to your home address) Click next
    • Choose shipping of standard, click next
    • Choose payment type. Choose financial aid/scholarship. Where it says account number, please enter your student ID for an invoice for selected materials for your course(s) to be sent to BH/EdAssist. Click find account, choose the correct account, click next which will process your order.



After you complete your course, Northampton Community College will submit your grade(s) to Bright Horizons. You must receive a C or better, or you will be required to pay Bright Horizons back for your tuition costs. Contact Ed Assist for Additional Information.


For Continuing, Re-Admit Students or Transfer Students:

Out of State Students: As a member of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements NCC offers online courses and internships to students located in other SARA member states, in accordance with the provisions of SARA. Currently, Students living in California, America Samoa, and Guam are not eligible to take online classes outside of their state.