Lab Information

An advantage of this program is Learning Applied by Students - LABS. LABS are integrated into all curriculum courses.

LABS provide you the opportunity to:

  • Learn first-hand about children's development, interests and abilities
  • Practice your teaching skills and strategies.

Five courses have LABS:

  • EARL126 Early Childhood Arts
  • EARL128 Infant-Toddler Development and Learning
  • EARL208 Early Childhood Math
  • EARL216 Early Childhood Literacy and Language
  • EARL218 Early Childhood Science

All on-campus students are encouraged to do their LABS at an NCC Children's Center. If you are employed full-time in the early are and education professions, and/or are an online student living beyond a commuting distance, you may complete your lab assignment at your work site or at an approved program in your community.

  • Each LAB course has 10 two-hour labs beginning week four and continuing through week 13.
  • Classes with labs are two hours and 20 minutes.
  • Weeks 14 and 15 can be lab make-up weeks.
  • All students must complete 10 lab weeks and all assignments to receive credit for the course.

Labs are scheduled at the first class with the course instructor