Art as a Way of Learning®

This dynamic professional development program places the arts central to teaching and learning. It gives teachers, educators and principals the knowledge and skills to develop an art-infused school, allowing children to use the arts in all of their daily learning. Children can use visual arts to express knowledge, and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

These strategies are based on current research and the expertise of practicing classroom teachers, art specialists, college faculty and artists-in-residence. Developed in a business-education partnership between NCC and Crayola LLC., the program meets National Visual Arts Standards.

Good teachers have long been aware that learning is most likely to occur when it is integrated and connected to a person's knowledge and background. Authentic learning takes place as people interact with each other to answer questions that intrigue them, to construct and demonstrate what they know and are able to do. The arts provide a rich language for integrated, meaningful, engaging learning with both children and adults.

  • The program is customized for each school or school district, adapted to complement the school's curriculum initiatives.
  • The course is scheduled for 10 three-hour sessions, usually after school hours every other week at the school or NCC.
  • Monthly resource seminars reinforce and support the initial professional development program.
  • Instructors are available for monthly site visits and focused staff consultations.

Copies of Art as a Way of Learning®: Explorations in Teaching can be ordered here (PDF).