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The Sustainable Energy & Environmental Science programs provide students with cross-curricular experiences that enable graduates to pursue many of the growing number of careers in sustainability. These programs are also designed to allow students to build a stackable degree and graduate in 2.5 years, earning both a Specialized Diploma (SD) in Sustainable Energy and an Associate in Science Degree (AS) in Environmental Science in the process. The stacking of the SD and the AS degree gives students both the practical skills and knowledge of the field while also teaching them to apply those skills into the broader context of environmental problems faced by the world today. These programs prepare students to explore a number of direct career avenues or continue along their academic pathways to ultimately pursue careers such as environmental engineers, environmental chemists, or materials scientists.

Sustainable Energy, Specialized Diploma

Students working toward their Specialized Diploma in Sustainable Energy will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of energy conversion, sustainability, and the role energy has played in the development of modern society. Combining fundamental coursework in electrical technology with courses in energy policy will help students develop a broad perspective on the issues, challenges and potential solutions for global sustainable energy. This program offers students an introduction to the wide range of topics associated with sustainable energy, including electrical fundamentals, hands-on training experiences and public policy development.

Environmental Science, Associate in Science

Building on the practical skillset acquired in the Sustainable Energy program, students of the Environmental Science program will work to expand their knowledge of the broader field of environmental science, uniting a number of disciplines in an understanding of the biologic, hydrologic, geologic, and atmospheric components of the Earth and the role of human beings on the Earth. The AS in Environmental Science can be customized to prepare students for the range of majors and fields that are based in the environment, including laboratory sciences, wildlife conservation, resource management, environmental law, human ecology, and more. The AS in Environmental Science parallels the first two years of most four-year programs and is designed for transfer into such Baccalaureate programs as Biology, Marine Science, Environmental Science, or Wildlife Conservation.

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Degrees We Offer

  • Sustainable Energy Specialized Diploma | 1 year
  • Environmental Science AS | 2 years
  • These programs can be stacked to earn both credentials in 2.5 years
  • The Sustainable Energy Specialized Diploma can be completed at our Bethlehem Campus.
  • The Environmental Science Degree can be completed at our Bethlehem Campus or at our LEED-certified Monroe Campus.
  • This entire program can be completed at our Bethlehem Campus

Program Map View Environmental Science, AS Suggested Semester Map (PDF)

Program Map View Sustainable Energy, SD Suggested Semester Map (PDF)

Careers in Sustainable Energy & Ecosystems Studies

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top two fastest growing occupations from 2018-2028 are forecasted to be in the sustainable energy field. Number one is a Solar Photovoltaic Installer and number two is a Wind Turbine Service Technician. Environmental scientists and specialists are expected to see a 15% growth rate through 2022 due to the heightened interest in the hazards facing the environment, as well as the increasing demands placed on the environment by population. Additionally, the broad range of sustainability topics across course disciplines serves to prepare a student to direct their continued education towards management, science, engineering, technical, or a variety of other occupations.

Sustainable Energy & Ecosystems Studies Career Paths

  • Solar Photovoltaic Installer
  • General and Operations Manager
  • Conservation Scientist
  • Environmental Specialist
  • Health & Safety Engineer
  • Compliance Officer
  • Occupational Health & Safety Specialist
  • Solar Panel Technician
  • Geothermal HVAC Technician
  • Wind Turbine Service Technician
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Environmental Chemist

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