Ysais Martinez

Dominican Republic

I always mention NCC and its ESL program everywhere I go. I used to be an international student and the first year of my academic career was very difficult. But the NCC ESL program had very kind people who cared deeply for each of us. I can still mention by name all of my professors from that time. My English improved dramatically, so much so that I was able to go to graduate school immediately after NCC since I already had a bachelor's degree in Systems and Computers Engineering. I attended DeSales University for 2 years and earned a master's degree in educational technology. I then attended Lehigh University and Penn State University for my PhD. After that, I started a cyber security company, Identity X, in May 2015. NCC and its ESL program created the foundation for my success. I really don't know what would be of me without the support, education, and human warmth I received as a student in the ESL program.