Forensic Training @NCC

The Northeast Forensic Training Center (NFTC) is your regional training hub for cost effective, high quality, hands-on law enforcement training. NFTC'S original mission was to provide first responders with basic forensic training to effectively collect and preserve crime scene evidence. Since its inception in 2009, the NFTC has proudly served over 150 national and international agencies by providing them with scientifically based forensic training.

NFTC's mission has evolved to become the regional source of all law enforcement and training in the Mid-Atlantic region. The NFTC has expanded with the launch of new courses on computer forensics, criminal investigations, law enforcement seminars and administrative programs to meet core training needs of any law enforcement agency. We continuously work with law enforcement leaders to identify key programs that are critical to enhancing the effectiveness of these agencies and develop new programs on demand or contracted with industry leading practitioners to meet those needs.

For more details about the program, contact Heather Ehritz at heritz@northampton.ed, or complete our request for information form today!

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