What Is Freedom?  Fall 2018  Readings...


The Challenge of Determinism

Freedom in Modern Philosophy

Sartre 1946   Existentialism Is a Humanism

Erich Fromm  excerpts

E. Fromm  Escape from Freedom  Chapter 5    

The Grand Inquisitor

Frederick DOUGLASS

UN Declaration      /      US Bill of Rights

FDR Four Freedoms

Mill  On Liberty

Berlin  Two Concepts of Liberty

Berlin study guide

Reclaiming Freedom!

Is Neuroscience the Death of Free Will?

youtube     SAM HARRIS      another  Harris

DENNETT's written critique of Harris

DENNETT  youtube   video 1    /   video   /   video  3

Sartre  Road to Freedom  documentary

             Manufacturing Consent   clip

             Tristan Harris   TED

            Paradox of Choice  TED

             How Fascism Works

             Fromm, interview

             MILL video

             Sartre's Choice

               FD                      Orwell


               Harris / Dennett audio debate                 

 DETERMINISM --  Philosophical doctrine that everything in the world including human action is the inevitable consequence of preceding states of affairs and natural Laws. Thus there is no human freedom. Can also be called  Conditioning or Causation or Causality,  and specifically, the Principle of Sufficient Reason. The most extreme variety is fatalism.

                   Man's Search for Meaning   by Viktor E. Frankl
"Everything can be taken from a man but ...the last of the human freedoms - to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way." p.104   "There is also purpose in life ... in man's attitude to his existence, an existence restricted by external forces." p.106



Why Free Will debate never ends...

No such thing as free will!

Zizek on freedom

Wm. James   Dilemma of Determinism


 Existential Lexicon  

More Existential Vocab.   

first selection from The Present Moment

Kierkegaard  1846    The Present Moment 
Kierkegaard and Xanax?
Can Dostoevsky Still Kick You in the Gut?
Dostoyevsky    1864       Notes From Underground  (Part 1 only)

Nietzsche 1888-1889       from      The Twilight of the Idols ....

Reason in Philosophy    /     Morality as Anti-Nature      /     What I Owe the Ancients
 from Ecce Homo     -      Why I am A Destiny
      The Madman (God is Dead?!)

Simone de Beauvoir 1947   The Ethics of Ambiguity
        Sartre on Sincerity

Heidegger 1955        Memorial Address
Ctritchley's blogs on   Being and Time
                                  Heidegger on Death
Nietzsche :  Perspectives 
The Twilight of the Idols
The Genealogy of Morals
Kierkegaard 1843 Either/Or (Squashed Version)
Kierk.  "The Sickness Unto Death"
Kierk.  "Fear and Trembling"
On Heidegger's Nazism and Philosophy
Heidegger Rector's Address

Kierk. explains the Self
Kierk. BBC pt.1, start at 9:00
    Kierk. BBC pt.2

Philosophy Dictionary
Philosophy Encyclopedia
Epistemology Library
Squashed Philosophers
Selections from Kierkegaard
Kierk. 3 Stages on Life's Way

Nietzsche on Hardship
Nietzsche: Beyond Good and Evil
Heidegger: Thinking the Unthinkable
Sartre: The Road to Freedom