Health Benefits


Three plan options are available and administered through Capital BlueCross.  Our prescription plan is also through Capital BlueCross and included with the medical plans.  Please refer to the Benefit Highlights documents below for more detailed plan information:


You will automatically be enrolled in vision insurance for you and any dependents at no additional cost when enrolling in medical.  The vision plan is also administered by Capital BlueCross using the National Vision Administrators (NVA) network of providers.  Please refer to the Summary Plan Description below for more details:


The College offers one dental plan to eligible employees, administered through Capital BlueCross.  The plan utilizes the BlueCross Dental Providers network, which helps you to maximize your dental benefit.  There is a $20 deductible per member / $60 per family.  There is no cost for single dental coverage.  Two-party or family coverage is an additional .12% of earnings.  Please refer to the Plan Highlights document below for more information on the plan: 

Flexible Spending Program

Employees who are not enrolled in a high deductible health plan or who are opted out of the College's medical insurance plan may participate in the College's Flexible Spending Program. Employees may contribute to a Medical Flexible Spending Account and/or a Dependent Flexible Spending Account.

Health Savings Account

The College will contribute $650(single)/$1300(family) per plan year to the qualified HSA of members who select the High Deductible Health Plan.  These contributions may be pro-rated based on the month that you join the plan if your eligibility begins on or after February 1st.  Members may additionally elect to make pre-tax contributions to their qualified HSA to the extent allowable under the current IRS regulations.