Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff have access to a wide range of library services and resources to support their instructional, professional, or personal research needs. We welcome your inquiries and the opportunity to work with you.

Contact the librarians by emailing askthelibrarian@northampton.edu

Library Instruction & Embedded Librarians

Library instruction is available for any NCC course, on-campus or online, in which students perform research, and the librarians welcome the opportunity to work with our faculty and students in class.

Tailored to your assignment and your student’s needs, we provide:

  • 50- or 75-minute full-length in-library instruction
  • 15- to 20-minute mini-library lessons
  • research workshops
  • online Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate sessions
  • recorded video lectures

If you’d like a librarian to work with your students in your Blackboard course throughout the semester, consider working with an Embedded Librarian.

Embedded Librarians can support you and your students in your Blackboard course in many different ways throughout the semester, including:

  • Responding to student questions on the discussion forums
  • Providing video lectures or tutorials
  • Developing research guide content for your class or assignment
  • Teaching a synchronous library research session
  • Meeting with students for individual virtual research consultations
  • Providing additional research & information literacy support materials

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Benefits of Instruction and Embedded Librarians

A library instruction session can ease student anxiety about the library and research process, help students avoid frustration when researching, and improve student’s source selection.

Library instruction integrated with course assignments helps to meet the Information literacy General Education outcome, whereby all students should leave our college able to "demonstrate effective research skills in gathering and using information." Specifically, students should be able to "locate and identify appropriate information; critically evaluate source information, and incorporate it effectively into their work; and demonstrate an understanding of the ethical and legal use of intellectual property."

Embedded librarians provide personalized assistance to your students and work closely with your assignments. Including a librarian in your Blackboard course can ease student anxiety or apprehension about asking for research help. It is like bringing the library into your class all semester long.

Instructional Support Materials & Services

Additional support is available to assist students before, after, or in place of library instruction.

Research Basics at NCC Tutorial
This self-guided tutorial helps students learn how to identify books, articles, and other sources to complete their assignments successfully. Assign individual modules or the whole tutorial to your class. Students who complete the final test and earn a score of 85% or higher will earn a completion certificate.

Research Guides
Course and assignment guides are available to help students get started with research, and access the most useful library and Internet resources. If our existing guides do not fit your needs, please ask a librarian to create a new guide or develop additional guide content for your class or assignment.

Video Tutorials
Our NCC Libraries YouTube channel is home to brief search tutorials for many of our databases. Have an idea for a tutorial? Let us know - we take requests.

Citation Resources & Handouts
Developed by the librarians and the Learning Center, our handouts for the most common citation styles can assist your students with citing sources and formatting their papers and works cited or reference lists.

On-Demand Research Help
A Librarian is available through the Ask the Librarian online chat, by email, and by phone throughout the week.  

Research Consultations
Students can schedule a Book a Librarian appointment to work with a librarian for an individual research consultation through video conferencing.

Library Resources in Blackboard
Students can find links to our research tools and help in each Blackboard course shell under the Student Information tab in the Student Support Services folder.

Course Reserves

Faculty can request to hold library or personal teaching materials on the physical library shelf or digitally through Blackboard for students to use.

Library Reserve Request Form


Bethlehem: Laurel Bruce; Information Services Assistant; lbruce@northampton.edu

Michelle Stecker; Information Services Assistant; mstecker@northampton.edu

Monroe: Natalie Kulick; Assistant Director, Library Services; nkulick@northampton.edu

Anne Bittner; Associate Professor/ Cataloger / Bibliographer; abittner@northampton.edu

Materials Suggestions

Faculty and staff are welcome to help us develop our collections by suggesting materials. The decision to purchase materials is based on the NCC Libraries’ Collection Development Policy, collection needs, and budget limitations. Suggestions should be directly connected to a course or an assignment. The library does not purchase textbooks.

Suggest Library Materials by providing as much publication information as possible, including author, title, and publisher. Be advised that generally, books take a month to order, receive and process; however, there is no way to predict availability from the publisher.

If you have questions about suggesting materials, please contact:

Evonne Loomis, Acquisitions Librarian
eloomis@northampton.edu or (610) 861-5361


Faculty and staff are responsible for complying with all federal copyright regulations contained in Title 17 of the United States Code while using library materials.

"Fair Use" is the copyright principle that applies to the practices of educational institutions. The law is not exact, but there are four factors that are used to determine if Fair Use applies: purpose, nature of the material, the amount of the work to be used, and the economic effect on the creator. One factor alone is not sufficient to meet copyright standards, all four must be applied together to evaluate and balance any determination of Fair Use.

Generally, if you are using a small percentage of an entire factual work for educational purposes, without affecting the proceeds from the sale of the item, then you have adhered to all the factors of Fair Use.

Photocopying for educational purposes should generally follow these guidelines:

  • only 10% of the item can be copied.
  • each copy must contain a notice of copyright.
  • the copy should be used for a single course and then discarded.

Fair-use does not allow:

  • Copying single-use or consumable workbooks.
  • Copying in order to create or replace an anthology.
  • Using commercial copying companies to copy course packets of copyrighted materials.

Additional information can be found in the U.S. Copyright Office’s Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians circular.

Contact the following library staff if you have copyright questions:

Sandra Sander, Director, Library Services
ssander@northampton.edu or (610) 861-5358

Evonne Loomis, Acquisitions Librarian
eloomis@northampton.edu or (610) 861-5361

Test Proctoring

Test proctoring is available for on-campus and hybrid class makeup exams (up to 4 students per exam per section only) and also for students with extended time accommodations.

Schedule Your Proctoring Request:

On-Campus Make-Up Test Proctoring Form

Questions? Contact the Testing Centers:

Bethlehem Campus Paul & Harriett Mack Library: (610) 861-5329
Monroe Campus ESSA Bank & Trust Foundation Library: (570) 369-1810
Email: ncclibrariestesting@northampton.edu

Research Assistance & Professional Development

Our full range of databases and electronic resources, along with the print collections (books, journals, periodicals, and more), are accessible to faculty and staff for professional and personal use.

To log in to our databases, use your NCC username (or NCC ID #) and password. Faculty and staff may also utilize our Interlibrary Loan service for materials that are not available through the NCC Libraries.

Librarians are available to meet with you for in-depth research appointments to assist you with your work.

Book a Librarian

Classes & Embedded Librarians

Get Research Help

Professional Resources in Our Collections:

    • AdjunctNation.com is the first and only news magazine for the nation’s 1 million teaching faculty.

    • Chronicle of Higher Education (newspaper edition received at both campus libraries).
      Articles published in the print version of the Chronicle of Higher Education can be accessed through several of our databases. There is a one-month delay for articles from the current issue.

    • Browse other higher education publications available through our databases.