Management Development CERT @NCC

Employees are often promoted from within the organization without any formalized developmental training that teaches them how to manage work and other people to produce results for the organization. And, it is impractical to send employees off for weeks at a time to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and techniques they need to apply them to their new role with the company. For this reason, the Management Certificate program was built to serve all employers who want Supervisors, Managers, and High Potential Employees to be equipped with the skills they need to be successful in a leadership role.

This Certificate Program teaches employees how to:

  • Transition from worker to supervisor / manager of other workers
  • Manage work and people
  • Plan for achievement of results
  • Align individual performance goals with the company’s goals
  • Coach employees’ performance to achieve company goals and objectives
  • Become self-aware in order to effectively communicate with different personality types
  • Learn how to flex your management style to the needs of your individual team members
  • Resolve conflicts in order to focus on results and promote teamwork

For more details about the program, contact Laura Bauer at lbauer@northampton.eduor complete our request for information form today!

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