Mobile Food Business Workshops @NCC

So You Want to Open a Mobile Food Business?
The food truck puzzle-finding the right pieces to get started. Popularity and prevalence of non-traditional mobile restaurants such as kiosks, carts and full-sized trucks are on the rise, serving everything from hot dogs to barbeque to lobster rolls, to ethnic cuisine to gourmet desserts. This class is designed for those interested in learning the benefits and downfalls of this burgeoning food market.

Mobile Food Business - Building Your Menu, Brand, and Truck
Learn to establish your identity, plan a menu that is manageable and flexible, establish a brand identity, and develop an equipment list and work flow plan to efficiently run your business from a small mobile kitchen.

Mobile Food Business - Finding Funding, Suppliers & Marketing Strategies
Gain knowledge of different start-up methods, building a business plan, understanding capital requirements, and finding funding and a reliable food truck builder. Participants will also be introduced to the critical nature of building a web presence through social media and search engine optimization, as well as networking with other food truck owners, associations, businesses, and local non-profits to build your customer base.

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